Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Story for today's edge

Birthday Breaking
I had no idea what my girlfriend had planned for me that day - and if I did, I'd probably still have gone along with it. My birthday wasn't that special an occasion for me. I had no family and having recently moved, I'd no real friends in the city.

But Gen was determined to give me a time to remember, and said she'd arranged a small gathering with her friends coming along. I have to admit, she had some beautiful friends and so it was hard not to look forward to being the centre of attention.

When I arrived at her house, I realised she'd made a real effort for me. The party wasn't for hours and yet there she was, dressed to the nines. Her tight black dress ended just below her stocking tops - and as she sat I could see the deep lace bands stretched taught by suspenders. We went into the kitchen, where she opened a bottle of wine. The rest of the afternoon flew by as we chatted and laughed. I didn't realise just how much wine I'd drunk until the doorbell went and Gen announced Kerstin and Claire had arrived.

Both were dressed almost identically to Gen - figure-hugging black dresses, black stockings and high heels. I laughed about being the odd one out in jeans and a t-shirt, my usual casual scruffy attire, when Gen suggested there was a way of fixing the problem.

Kerstin and Claire howled with laughter when Gen suggested the three women dress me the same way. I blushed deeply as they discussed it, screeching with laughter.

"Come on," said Gen, "There's only us three here - why not? It'll be fun!"

She was standing very close to me, with her legs brushing mine as she spoke, and I recognised the hungry, horny look in her eyes. The thought of putting me into a dress was turning her on. And the more I thought about it, the more it turned me on.

Gen led me to her bedroom, with the other two women following behind, giggling.

"Strip!" commanded Gen, and I looked at her, my cheeks turning red with embarrassment.

"Come on girls," she laughed, and I was suddenly seized by Kerstin and Claire, "She's a little bit shy!"

Three sets of hands grasped me firmly and started undressing me. I allowed myself to be de-clothed, and soon stood naked in front of the cackling trio. Worse than my nudity, however, was my cock, which had sprung to attention under their ministrations.

"He's enjoying this!" shouted Kerstin, and Claire started to laugh again.

"It's because we've found ourselves a secret sissy!" yelled out Gen. The shame lit up my face like Christmas.

Kerstin and Claire tumbled me onto the bed, and with a stern warning not to go anywhere, Gen vanished into her large walk-in wardrobe. When she emerged, she threw a handful of clothing to her two accomplices.

A tight black stretchy dress, a deep black satin and lace garter belt, matching knickers and bra with red bows on, and skyscraper high heels with platform soles. I blushed furiously now, and my erection bobbed and twitched as each item was held in front of me for my inspection. As Claire passed me the stockings, I suddenly couldn't speak.

"Ooooh, you like stockings, don't you baby?" asked Gen, softly caressing my rigid pole. Claire started wrapping the garter belt around my waist and Kerstin drew the bra up my arms and onto my chest. The fabric stretched across my skin, and its cool touch only added to the furious heat I could feel in my face - and my cock.

"Put your stockings on lover," Gen encouraged.

It was a real struggle to begin with, but they showed me what to do and I pointed my toes, rolling the stockings in my hands. As the silky garments rolled up my legs, my arousal grew. I found myself submitting to them, totally in their power. I was a cross-dressing pervert, obviously turned on by the humiliating scene that was unfolding, and was now wearing a bra, suspender belt and stockings in front of three beautiful brunettes.

It was Gen who picked up the knickers and knelt at my feet. My cock bounced and weaved in front of her face as I felt her breath on my length. She tapped my ankle to signal me and I raised first one foot, then the other as she drew the fabric onto my legs. As she slid the satin creation up and over my stockings, the sensation was delicious. She made sure I enjoyed it by rubbing her hands over my silky legs.

As she settled the knickers into place, she softly stroked by buttocks through the thin material and gave my cock head a light kiss. My knees almost buckled as the pleasure coursed through me, and I noticed the three girls were breathing more deeply now.

The dress was pulled over my head and gently moved into place, tightly hugging my body contours. Claire and Kerstin ran their hands over me, smoothing out the wrinkles and driving me mad with lust as they touched sensitive areas of skin through the clingy fabric.

Gen, meanwhile, busied herself slipping my stocking feet into the wickedly high patent leather shoes. As I sat on the bed, I put my feet flat on the floor and felt how the heels and platform forced my calves upwards, drawing the stockings across my skin.

"Close your eyes, lover," Kerstin whispered in my ear, and I obeyed meekly. The lack of vision made me concentrate on the sensuous feelings coursing across my lingerie-clad body. Someone started to apply makeup onto my face, and I could hear jangling noises in the room. It took about ten minutes to complete my look, and I felt a long wig being placed onto my head.

"You can open your eyes now," breathed Kerstin. I did so - to be greeted by the sight of the three women standing in a row in front of me. All three had huge bulges under their dresses.

"Stand up and let's get a good look at you," said Gen before I could voice my curiosity about the lumps distending their dresses.

Standing there trembling in the heels, dress and sexy underwear, a cloud of feminised shame enveloped me, and I found myself blushing yet again.

"Do you have any idea just how sexy you look, my little girly boy?" asked Gen, and I shook my head. I was mute with humiliation, which was only exacerbated by my obvious arousal. My cock tented my knickers and dress.

Kerstin put her slim hands on my shoulders and gazed into my eyes.

"God, we love having you like this, sissyboy. We're going to have some fun with you now."

Behind me, Claire stepped closer and began rubbing her tits against my back as she fondled my arse. Her fingers wandered over my cheeks, stroking and pressing against them, igniting tiny fires of delight.

"I think someone loves being our boy-bitch," Gen breathed. Her hands reached down to the hem of her dress, and she raised the skirt slowly.

My mouth fell open as a large black strapon cock popped into view. It was long and think, and I trembled as I wondered what she had in store for me. Behind me, Claire ground her crotch against my arse and I could feel an unyielding length slip between my buttocks. Kerstin stepped closer and kissed me deeply, our lipsticks rubbing together as she too ground her crotch against my cock. I could feel her strapon nudging against my throbbing cock.

The three women moved me backwards towards the bed, all the while stroking me, softly touching and teasing me as they drove me wild with need. As they pushed me onto the covers, I felt totally emasculated, like a young women totally out of her depth and about to make love for the first time. I could never have imagined how sexy I felt with my legs encased in stockings, heels that stretched my arches, the suspenders taught against my thighs. It all felt so unreal.

"We want you to do something for us," said Gen, "And I think you'll enjoy it as much as us."

Claire and Kerstin moved onto the bed with me, kneeling on either side of me as Gen approached. She spread my legs and pulled until my arse was hanging over the edge. In the meantime, her two accomplices started stroking their fake cocks. They shuffled forward, presenting the plastic pleasers to me just inches from my face.

"We want to see you suck our cocks," said Kerstin.

"And make sure you get some lipstick on them," said Claire, "That's so fucking hot."

As their poles wavered in front of me, I leaned forward and kissed first one and then the other gently.

"Suck it like a sissy boy bitch would," said Gen.

But Claire couldn't wait. She pushed forward, thrusting her cock at my lips. I gave it a few tentative licks and without warning she suddenly pushed against my lips and plunged the tip into my mouth.

As she did so, Kerstin gasped and I closed my eyes to suck it. The sound of ragged breathing in the room gave away just how horny the three women were. Claire began moaning as she slid the strapon in and out past my lips.

"Oh, you're a very good girl," Gen told me as she started running her fingertips over my stocking clad thighs.

"She's loving it," Kerstin said. I felt the bed shift as she moved in, and as I opened my eyes to see what she was up to I was confronted by her cock.

Gen lifted my dress, parading my enormous erection. I didn't think it was possible, but I was lifted to a new level of shame. Here I was, lying on my back on a bed, dressed in lacy black lingerie, sucking two fake dicks for three nymphomaniacs who controlled my arousal. And I was turned on by it, by the length that rubbed over my lips, by the rustling underwear rubbing my sensitive skin, by the heavy breathing of the women I was servicing.

The stroking on my thighs moved inwards until Gen's soft slender ringers found my hardness and a single fingernail stroked down from the tip to my balls.

I looked up to see all three women smiling warmly, approval in their eyes as they teased me. Kerstin was toying with her nipples through the thin material of her dress, while Claire's hand was rubbing her clitoris underneath the dildo.

Kerstin pushed forward and her cock slid into my mouth as Claire's saliva-soaked toy brushed across my cheek. I worked the new member, and began to relax and give myself over to the pleasure. I didn't care how I looked any more, or what anybody would say if they could see me in my feminised state. Claire moved and leaned forward to kiss my face gently, moving across to nibble my ear and neck. I moaned and writhed at the delightful feelings she was sparking in me, and I felt Gen's hands move up to my waist.

As the ridges of Kerstin's cock ran past my red lips I saw all three exchange knowing smiles.

"I think you're ready for me now, hun," Gen said softly, as she pushed my dress upwards, exposing my stocking tops, then my knickers, and then my suspender belt.

"Keep sucking my cock, sissy boy," Kerstin said as she slid the plastic member over my lips and tongue.

"You're such a good sissy bitch," said Gen, "I'm going to enjoy this almost as much as I know you will."

Her thumbs hooked the waistband of my black knickers and slid them down slowly, exposing my blood-filled cock which pointed firmly upwards. She pulled the lacy garment down past my trembling knees and left them hooked on my ankles. She stooped and moved in between my legs, which I bent around her slender waist.

As I lay on my back, I felt so vulnerable - my arse hung off the end of the bed, my stockings rubbing against Gen's dress as I awaited my inevitable fucking. Kerstin and Claire were doing their best to drive me insane with their soft stroking, kissing and nibbling. My body felt as though tiny explosions of pleasure erupted each time I felt their lips on my skin or their fingers traced the contours of the slutty underwear.

"I want you to breathe with me," instructed Gen as she began breathing languorously, "God, you look so cute and feminine for me - just perfect for your first shag. Feel how good those stockings are on your legs, and how the suspenders feel against you. Now spread your legs for me."

I followed her instruction. What else could I do? The two other women grabbed my arms and held them over my head, increasing my sense of helplessness as Gen moved closer with her cock.

"Relax, honey, and trust me."

I felt her finger as it rubbed the outside of my sphincter, smearing cool lubricant onto it. I flinched, but tried to relax as she moved the tip around to spread the gel.

"Here I come, sissy," she said, and I suddenly felt the tip of her strapon pop through my tight ring. I groaned at the intrusion, and my cock bobbed wildly. As the length slid into me, I moaned loudly: a long drawn-out "oooh" of pleasure and pain and submission and delight. My face was red hot with humiliation as Kerstin and Claire watched Gen push her fake dick as far as it would go into my arse.

"It's Ok, little sissy boy," Claire said quietly into my ear, "We won't tell anyone you love a good fucking from women. It'll be our sexy secret."

Kerstin whispered into my other ear.

"We know you love this, slut, and we'll be making sure you get your fill of cock from now on. We'll take it in turns to fuck you in frilly lingerie. And we'll come as hard as you do... watching you taking your girlfriend's cock is turning me on so much.

As Gen's tool forced its way deeper inside me, I opened my legs to welcome it and clenched my internal muscles around it.

"Relax, sissy, and I'll take your virginity with the fuck of a lifetime. You're going cum so fucking hard while I ride you, girly. Just put those beautiful legs over my shoulders"

As I shifted position for her, Gen bottomed out inside me. My prostate was suddenly assaulted by sharp bursts of pleasure as her member found my secret spot. I whimpered as she smiled. She knew full well what I was feeling by the look on my face.

"Move for us, hun, I know you're enjoying it," Kerstin breathed. I started to buck slowly against Gen's groin, driving the instrument of my feminised torture back and forth. I was utterly humiliated as I drew enjoyment from the fetishistic scenario. I looked into Gen's eyes, where the fire of her lust raged.

My cock was dripping with pre-cum and as it ran down my shaft, Gen's fingers rubbed it around and down onto my balls. Her cock began to dictate to my body, forcing me to move and grind and wriggle against it. My feminine thrusts and soft moans, along with the deep breaths of my three lovers filled the room.

"Please - " I gasped, but it was too late to beg them for mercy. They had me now, and I was their plaything to be fucked and abused to orgasm. My whole being was alive with the sensory overload. Warm erotic fingers swept my stocking clad legs, and I arched my feet - clenching my toes inside my heels. The suspenders on my thighs tugged at my stockings, creating a fantastic melange of feeling.

Gen reached forward and gently wrapped her smooth, long fingers around my cock. I could barely stand it as she sawed her cock into me in a gentle but insistent rhythm. Each time her hips touched my bottom, she ground the dildo around inside me, lifting me to an almost unimaginable plateau of pleasure.

Claire and Kerstin, meanwhile, had tugged my dress up over my bra and were both suckling and kissing my nipples through their lace covering. Their hands held my wrists as I bucked and mewled, and their other hands rubbed my sides, almost tickling as they slid their palms over me. They were matching my moans in volume as they lay next to me, grinding their crotches against my upper thighs.

Gen's hand steadily urged me towards my climax, and the movement of her cock inside me did nothing to prevent it. I writhed and groaned - and suddenly every muscle in my body snapped taut. My orgasm crashed over me like a tidal wave, washing me away in its breathtaking sensation. I spurted my hot seed over Gens hand, and it spilled over and onto my groin.

Both Kerstin and Claire were obscenely wet, and I felt the heat of their genitals rubbing against me as they softly cried out, caught in the throes of their own peaks.

As I panted for breath, Gen slowed her fucking, and my body slowly stopped quaking. As I lay there gasping for breath, I wondered what the trio had in store for me on my next birthday. Surely nothing could top the experience they'd just given me!

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