Monday, December 2, 2013

My Edge From Last Week

Apparently my Mistress didn't actually read the story from last week, so today's post is that story in it's entirety.  Again, this is not something I think I could do, and if I did I certainly wouldn't be the submissive.

We pulled into his garage. She was dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit, with a lacy black and pink bra and teensy panties underneath. I’m not sure if the schoolgirl thing was a request from Andrew or anything, but she knows it’s a favorite of mine, so it might have been intended to drive me wild. I, on the other hand, was wearing only a wide ring gag, handcuffs behind my back, and a collar, with the leash attached to my seat belt.
She pulled in, then draped a leg over my lap, driving me wild, because the skirt was so short and I could see her sexy lace panties underneath.
"Are you sure you’re ready for this?" she said.
I nodded.
"Good," she said, "because Andrew’s cock looked so good when you were sucking it…" As she said this, she reached into her panties and began to play with herself. She moaned so loudly for me and I drooled and throbbed with the pain of almost three months of denial.
She opened her door to get out, then walked around, undid my seatbelt, grabbed my leash and led me into the house.
Andrew was waiting in his living room, in a suit. He was sitting calmly. We were both super tense and anxious, but I wonder if my Goddess isn’t the first other-man’s-woman he’s fucked, because he was totally calm, sipping a glass of water.
She dragged me closer to him, with my leash over her shoulder, and I watched her ass wiggle under her tiny skirt. She was right up next to him, and she bent over slowly, and said, “Hello,” so lustily and breathily. Her face was approaching his crotch, but also, her ass was grinding against my dick, and Andrew laughed as I squealed in pain through the ring gag.
She stood up, walked around behind me, and pushed me down to my knees. She jerked my head upward by my hair, so I was forced to look him in the eye.
"Do you like the present I got you?" she said, sticking a finger in my opened mouth slowly.
He didn’t say anything. He just unzipped his fly. He wasn’t wearing anything under the pants and he sprung right out, nice and hard.
Other than that, he didn’t move. Instead, her hand still in my hair, she guided me to his cock. I have been face-fucked by many men, including at her assistance, but this one was special, because I was readying that cock for her.
"Use tongue," she said, and I did. I was gagging on him for some time, I’m not sure how long, until he decided to push me away and stand up. He still hadn’t said a word when he reached his hands around her, lifted her skirt and manhandled her barely-clad butt, while pulling her in for a kiss. She pushed me away, and I fell over, so they could get closer. And … there it was. It had begun. I was becoming a cuckold.
He undid her white schoolgirl blouse and she left it draped on her shoulders while she kissed him and he bit her lip. Then he reached around and slapped her on the ass. She yelped a little. I would never have the balls to spank her, and I had way bigger balls than him!
Soon, he was under her bra. My sweet, sexy girlfriend, getting her tits rubbed by a stranger. A man who had just brutally fucked my throat with no consideration for my well-being. She sighed as he rubbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. I wanted to tell him to rub them with her thumbs, because that’s her favorite, but I couldn’t speak through the gag. But what was wrong with me? I wanted to tell this strange man how to pleasure my girlfriend?
She turned to me. “How did it taste?” she asked.
From my position lying on the floor, I mumbled “good” as best as I could, and I also nodded. I couldn’t believe myself but I wanted her to taste him, suck him, do for him what she wouldn’t do for me. I was so hard and horny and I wanted a stranger to take my Goddess and use her the way I never had the audacity too.
It didn’t take much prompting before she was on her knees and slurping him, not slowly, but like a complete whore. I remember blow jobs from her back before we turned to femdom, when her mouth was so effective that she could make me cum in seconds if she wanted to. (Incidentally, her telling me to wait while she blew me is how we first discovered orgasm denial and femdom, but that story another day.) I imagined her doing the same to him, and the first sounds he made that night implied that she was.
She wiggled her finger in a “come hither” motion to me, while not breaking eye contact with him. I crawled over best I could without my hands, and when I was there, she undid the gag. “Share,” she said, moving his cock to my face, and for the first time, she and I shared a blow job, each of us licking one side of his cock. This continued for a while, until finally she pushed me back onto my back.
"Mine," she said.
She continued sucking until he reached under her armpits and pulled her back up. While they kissed, she undid his tie, and he finished removing her top. Now, she was just in a miniskirt and lacy panties.
She turned so her back was towards him, and she grinded up and down against him while he played with her breasts by reaching around her.
"Use your thumbs," I said, "Goddess loves that."
She laughed as I assisted him. He began to do just that, and she extended her foot to her mouth, and I worshipped it.
"What else do I like, slut?" she asked.
I thought for a second. “Doggy style…” I said hesitantly.
She smiled, then slowly lowered her panties. While they were still around her knees, she was on all fours.
"You ready?" she said, speaking half to both of us. I nodded, as he knelt down (after fumbling with a condom).
I couldn’t quite see him enter, but I watched the look on her face, and I could tell when he was in. Now it was as official as it could be. He was fucking my girlfriend.
She groaned with each thrust, and he was rough, as he scratched her back and grabbed her hair and smacked her ass, among other things. This continued for some time as I struggled and throbbed and ached, my balls so full. She looked right in my eyes.
"You like when strange men fuck me, slut?"
"Yes Goddess, please let him fuck you harder."
She sighed, and I groaned in pain. I think she could tell, because she told him to pull out for a second. Then she reached over for her blouse, a few feet from her, and from her pocket pulled out my cuff key. She unlocked me, and got back into position.
"Stroke and edge for my entertainment while he fucks me, bitch," she said. Then she smacked my face for no reason, and he began fucking her again.
I did as told, and each edge was only seconds apart, and my screams of agony only excited her more. She spread her legs a little wider.
"Tell…him…what…I…like…" she said between deep breaths.
I could barely speak either. “Rub…her….clit.”
He did, and it was all too much for her. The fucking, the size of him, watching me edge and scream, her clit … and she came, wildly, just as I hit yet another edge. The power exchange was epic — her getting, from a stranger, what she wouldn’t allow me. Her moans, oh god, her ecstatic moans as she fucked him back as hard as he was fucking her, and the sweat dripping from her brow.
After she settled down, he started to pull out, but she said, “Don’t think for a second you’re done if you haven’t fucked my ass.”
I was still stroking and edging, but this blew me away. I didn’t expect it, and neither did he, I think, because his eyes opened wide. I’d taken her butt a few times but not for a while.
"Do you have lube?" she asked.
He left for a moment and came back, then lubed her up.
"Now get it in me," she said, and he obliged. Slowly but surely, he was in her ass. And he fucked it, at first gently, but eventually, with roughness similar to that of when he fucked her pussy. His groans were getting louder. He was close.
"Now slut, do you want it straight from the source, or off my breasts?" she asked.
I had no idea I was going to swallow it, but with as horny as I was from stroking, the idea of licking her tits….
"Off your breasts, Goddess," I said. She pulled away and rolled over, and he jerked himself the rest of the way, and he burst, reminding me of what I was denied.
She took deep breaths. “You can stop stroking. Now lick it.” And I obliged, cleaning her off completely.
And that is the story of how, wordlessly, another man cuckolded me. And we are still in contact with him. We are never going back

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