Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More Demanding

I recently had a birthday and for the weeks leading up to it, Mistress kept asking me what I wanted.  I told her what I tell her every year and that I don't want a gift, I just want to be dominated by her.  I think she thinks I am kidding, but I'm not.  On Friday night Mistress and I went out to dinner.  She assured me that this weekend I would get my gift, but she didn't specify when.  She also told me that I was to start wearing a nighty "until I am told otherwise".  I initially assumed that was until I got my birthday domination session, but am under a different belief now.  I wore a nighty that Mistress picked out.  In my opinion, it's my most humiliating one.

That night, every time I tossed and turned, I would realize what I was wearing and then fantasize about what Mistress would do to me.  Needless to say I woke up extremely horny.  Saturday we had a lot of chores to do around the house.  Saturday night I again wore my nighty and again it had it's intended effect.  Let me note here that while I find this humiliating, I absolutely love it.  When Mistress makes me do anything feminine it goes straight to my brain.  Whether it's panties, or toenail polish, or more extreme things like a bra, or makeup, forcing me to do feminizing things pushes my buttons on all the right ways.  

Sunday we had more work to do but we stopped early and had some guests very for lunch and cocktails.  After several hours our guests left and Mistress said it was time for me to get the bedroom ready.  She instructed me to lay out all of the toys and such in her nightstand.  

I went to the bedroom and got it ready.  In my rush, I forgot a towel and also didn't have things as ready as Mistress liked.  I soon found myself blindfolded and spread eagle on our bed.  Mistress took a large rubber band and put it on my leg up around my thigh.  She put a couple clothespins on my nipples which I absolutely loved.  Mistress took turns stroking my cock, snapping the rubber band, and hitting me with various implements.  I begged her to not stop abusing me until I used my safeword.  I've really, really wanted to be abused for so long that it would have taken a lot for me to use it.  Between stroking my cock and keeping me on the edge, hitting me, busting my balls or using the Hitachi on the exterior of my prostate I was in heaven.  Endorphins, dopamine and any other natural drug BDSM creates in addition to my buzz had me riding such a high.  Additionally Mistress and put her fingers and a toy in my ass.  I felt so completely owned.  

At one point Mistress got off the bed and I heard a plastic bag.  I assumed and it was soon confirmed that Mistress had grabbed a pair of cum stained panties out of the bag.  The panties had been in the bag 2-3 years.  They were from a business trip I went on and Mistress made me cum in them a couple times.  She wet them with some water to refresh the scent and taste and shoved then in my mouth.  I was in humiliation heaven.  I would love to see this becoming a regular thing.

About half way through, Mistress pulled one of the clothespins off one of my nipples.  The pain was slow, but she sped it up by rubbing my nipple. The pain was intoxicating.  She waited to pull off the other one so I know that one was going to hurt more.  I loved it though.  

Out of everything that happened the thing that is stuck in my mind the most is what Mistress said to me.  She said that things would be changing.  She would be holding me more accountable.  That she was going to be more demanding and if necessary, meaner.  She told me that if I chose not to wear a nighty or forgot to pick up the dry cleaning, I would find myself locked in chastity and sleeping in a cage in the basement.  If I was mouthy or disrespectful, I would be tied to the extra bed all night.  If I refused any punishment, D/s would no longer exist for us.  I assured her that while I would hate to sleep in a cage, I would do it, solely because I yearn to have her take more control.  I can imagine crawling out of the cage after a long sleepless night and being so grateful to be let out and even more grateful that she cared enough exert more control over me.  Out of all the things that happened, the cage discussion was the hottest.

Eventually Mistress forced an orgasm out of me.  She was on top of me and I was in her tight pussy.  After I came, I was scared Mistress was going to sit on my face and make me clean her out.  We have had many discussions about making that my job every time I cum.  I'm pretty certain that if I had to do it every time, pretty soon it wouldn't be a big deal, but by only making me do it occasionally it's a much more difficult proposition.

Afterward, I was a molten mess.  My eyes were glassy, and I was in complete subspace.  While I had hoped to be pushed a little harder and forced to use my safeword, I was in seventh heaven.  All day yesterday I kept replaying the night before.  Even today replaying it has me so worked up.   I have managed to edge myself a couple dozen times.  I want to cum so bad and could sneak an orgasm, but not cumming is so more fulfilling.  I love my Mistress and the life we have built.          

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