Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Have you ever been hooked up to a “Venus” milking...
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Have you ever been hooked up to a “Venus” milking machine?

I have. 
I can tell you that there is never enough restraints for what
that devious device can dish out.  If
your captor is KIND, he’ll operate it at a speed that will get you off relatively
quickly, and then turn it off and untie you.
If he is REALLY KIND he’ll operate it at a much slower pace,
and carefully monitor you, adjusting the speed slower when he sees that you are
really enjoying it.  The machine is
relentless and never gets tired, so eventually it can be stroking you ever so
slowly, and continue to do so until you sort of lose your mind, at which point
the restraints and gags really come in handy. 
An extended edging scene like that can last hours. 
And if he is the KINDEST OF ALL he’ll let it continue stroking
you AFTER you get off. You’ll really get a work out then, really test how secure
the restraints are, and really understand what it means to be milked.  That is when he turns the speed up and show
you just how fast that thing can stroke you. About five minutes into it you’ll
realize that, unlike a human arm, the thing won’t get tired.  How long will it take?  When does the agony of stroking continuous after
ejaculation turn into the pleasure of a second orgasm?  Everyone is different, but the machine will continue
to pump away regardless of how long your refractory period is.

The third orgasm is the real cincher.  Drenched in sweat, exhausted from struggling,
you learn the true definition of “being forced to cum by a machine.”

So if you ever get the opportunity to be hooked up to one,
don’t hesitate, and ask the operator to “Use a lot of restraints…and please be very,
very kind.”

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  1. I've heard of milking machines and would some day love to be restrained with the pump attached it has to feel wonderful even after a climax when one is so sensitive.