Friday, November 13, 2015

Lucky Slave

Last night Mistress and I had date night.  After an appetizer and some drinks we rushed home for some naughtiness.  I got our room ready.  I pulled off the blankets, pulled the under bed straps out from under the mattress, put on a femdom porn video,  and put on my restraints and a blindfold.  Mistress tied me down and put a pair of panties over my head.  I am pretty sure they were a pair that I had  my dried cum in them, but can't be 100% sure.  Mistress alternated from stoking my cock and hurting me.  She seemed to be a little meaner, which I really enjoyed.  Mistress also bit me a few times, which I usually don't like, but I really liked it last night.

Mistress would comment on the video that I couldn't see which I found to be pretty hot as well. Mistress edged me many times and with my buzz, I am lucky she didn't ask me to speak.  I likely would have begged her to do many things to me I would later regret.  With a couple of my recent blog posts I could have been in a nasty situation.  As it was, I tried to pull the nasty panties in my mouth to suck on and show Mistress what a little slut I could be.  I really, really wanted her dirty panties from the day to be over my nose and mouth.  That would have pushed me over the edge!

Mistress toyed with not letting me cum, which would have made me mad and frustrated, but ultimately would have made me an even hornier and more desperate slut.  While last night's orgasm should have taken the edge off of my horniness it seems to have escalated it.  I woke up in my nighty (which I so did not want to wear) feeling all submissive and used.  I have some good marks on my skin.  One appears to be form a hitting implement as well as a couple marks that I am guessnig are bite marks.  I love being marked up by my Mistress.  I am so very lucky to have such a Mistress.

Here is something I read this morning that is so very true.

Why edging is the perfect compliment to denial.

You see, when existing in pure denial, it is sometimes easy to slip into that non-sexualized situation where cumming doesn’t seem important. Without reminders, it is possible to exist like that for days, or even weeks.

But with a simple command to edge (or to have someone edge you), your body is reminded about just how good it would feel to cum, and therefore the realization that you are not allowed to is so enhanced.

Even more so with multiple edges. After each one, the cock craves to be touched again, but as the hand is wrapped round that throbbing, rock hard penis, there is that sinking feeling that the end result will be even more frustration.

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