Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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As I mentioned the other day, I got a month of full access to the kink.com suite of sites.  I was happy to see that the Kink University series was included.  I downloaded some of the ones that are more up our alley.  Some of these frighten me, and I may come to regret downloading them, but at the same time they excite me.  While a lot of it is submissive women, I don't see why these can't be used on a submissive male.

Here's what is downloaded.

Full-Time Dominance and Submission: Slave Contracts - Ready to kick your D/s up a notch, or even try it full-time? Here's what you need to know about consensual contracts, binding your partner into service to you, including guiding their spending habits. 

Humiliation 101Humiliation is the meat and potatoes many BDSM scenes, but Mistress Aiden Starr explains how to make it a fine dining experience.  Aiden goes through the basics of safety protocol, breaking your submissive down, communicating with your top, and how to create an electric sexual dynamic using basic technique. 

Blowjob and Deepthroat 101 - Showing a woman sucking, I imagine Mistress making me do the entire 34 minute tutorial with mistress wearing a strapon.

Pegging 101 - Strap-on Play with Menhow to fuck a male with a strap-on dildo in the ass. This tutorial discusses preparation for the male, selecting and wearing a strap-on, anal sex safety and warm-up, prostate play, butt plug training, pegging techniques, first-timer considerations, advanced tips, and cleanup.

Pillowcase Tricks - Learn how to put a simple pillowcase to work for quick, impromptu bondage

Tickling: From Teasing to Torment - Learn the psychological and physical aspects behind tickling and the best techniques, for mind-blowing and punishing effects. See how to heighten a person's mental and physical sense of vulnerability to sharpen and keep an excruciatingly ticklish edge and prevent exhaustion and prolong reactions. Also see how you can make your bottom fight through tickling to achieve orgasm in a new, delicious, and agonizing way.

Mummification Bondage Play Learn about mummification bondage.

Feminization, Crossdressing and Sissification If you're a Dominant looking to guide or command the feminization of your submissive--or a person of any gender wishing to acquire or transform yourself with a feminine mystique--this tutorial by MsMadyson provides the coaching needed to transform them (or yourself). You'll learn: what you'll need (clothing, make-up, and beyond) and where to get it, how to apply make-up, walk in high heels, conceal a penis, choose and wear bra padding, and more.

Deep Inside: Device Bondage - takes you deep behind these scenes of DeviceBondage.com, one of the most ingeniously sadistic BDSM sites in history.

E-Stim 101: Introduction to Electrosex - Learn the shocking and empowering secrets behind Electrostimulation (E-Stim) play, including electrified skin pads and insertable toys like dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators

Figging: Fucking with Ginger - Figging (using freshly peeled ginger as a buttplug or dildo) creates an intense burning sensation in the ass, cunt, urethra or any mucus membrane it contacts. Discover how to use this 100% natural heat to spice up your Dominance and submission.

Protocol and Position Training - One of the most enriching and beautiful aspects of D/s is the emphasis on scene and master/slave protocol.  Learn about submissive headspace, verbal and physical protocols, private and public rules of the road, as well as memorized positions, rituals, deportment, and more. Plus, gain an insight into the sub-side aspects of Protocol and how the submissive or slave can build Dominance and submission (D/s) from the bottom.

Position Training: Advanced - Introducing the most comprehensive workshop on Slave Position Training ever released on video!  You'll learn use of Stress positions, Service positions, Sexual positions and more, for public and private ceremony, play, and protocols. You'll also learn the mental and physical effects of position training

Erotic Shaving - Eve Minax demonstrates how to shave a female partner in an erotic fashion.

Edging: Orgasm Control and Denial for Maximum Climax - Orgasmic Edging is the practice of controlling someone's (or your own) sexual climax, riding the edge of pleasure for an extended period without fully climaxing.

How to Make Her Squirt - demonstrates his techniques for inducing female ejaculation in your partner. You'll see how to use a variety of fingering moves, hand positions and vibrators to help get almost any woman to achieve squirting, but also intense, eyes-rolling-back orgasms.

Caning 101 -  Novices will appreciate the large amount of information she presents in this small package, a tutorial designed to pique your interest and get you started on the sweet path to defiling unblemished flesh.

Caning: Sensual to Sadistic - There's more to caning than meets the ass. Danarama shares a variety of caning techniques, from sensual, to playful, to excruciating. You'll learn now to inspect and select canes and strokes for different folks, use caning for warm-up, sustaining sensation during other impact play, as well as advanced tricks, including bastinado, two-handed caning, and integration of pain into orgasm.

Belt Bondage for BDSM - demonstrates how even the most basic belt can be used in dozens of ways to restrain your partner for effective and minimalist bondage or rough sex

Easy, Sexy Bondage - Learn more than a dozen ways to restrain your lover, focusing on the bondage implements mentioned in the novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

Negotiation / Initiation to BDSM - explains the basics of getting into kinky play and sex, including Giving and Gaining Consent, Negotiation (Soft and Hard Limits), and Aftercare. Then they demonstrate the basics in an impromptu scene.

Nipple Torment and other control -  demonstrates a variety of arm control holds, soft take-downs and hair pulling techniques, and then shows ways to exert control using nipple clamps, nipple suction and more.

Sensual Sensory Deprivation - From the seduction of anonymity to the mindfuck of isolation, learn how masks and sensory deprivation can heighten physical sensations, submission, and sensuality. Mona Wales and Siouxsie Q demonstrate the wide array of articles and devices (including blindfolds, earphones, and masks) you can use to put your partner into a submissive headspace . Insulate them from sights and sounds so they focus purely on the sensations you deliver. 

Cunnilingus 101 -  This tutorial is a great way to learn how to give a woman great oral sex, introduce your partner to cunnilingus, and even enjoy receiving it more yourself.

Asymmetric Bondage -  teaches how you can throw all your concerns about perfect, symmetrical rope bondage out the window.

Two Knotty Boys - Live Workshop -  teach their ultimate live workshop together, sharing some of their most popular bondage ties that have made them famous in books and performances worldwide.

Clothespin ZippersSuddenly ripping off a string of clothespins pinched to the skin delivers one of the most intense sensations masochists crave. The experience has often been referred to as a "pain-gasm." Definitely not for the timid

It's Not All About Pain - Sensual Control in Dominance - demonstrates how BDSM does not have to be about PAIN. Instead, you'll learn how to utilize your voice, body, and touch to establish Power, how to add Amusement to your scenes with protocol, games and roleplay, how to create Intimacy with your partner, and give and receive Nice Sensations.

Cock and Ball Torture With Maitresse Madeline - Maitresse Madeline took some time to give us the rundown on the subtle arts of CBT, short for, as you may know, Cock and Ball Torture. As she demonstrates, CBT constitutes much more than just "wailing on the junk,"

The Two Knotty Boys Share some Rope Bondage Basics -

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