Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Going to Regret

The last week and a half has had so much going on that posting really hasn't been an option.  For the most part it has even been tough to be in a submissive or D/s state of mind.  Sexy fantasies have been put on the back burner while fantasies of a normal home life are on the front burner.

That's changed a little bit.  Mistress had me wear a nighty again the other night and yesterday I spent a little more than 3 hours with a butt plug in.  Kind of like chastity, there is no way to have your ass filled and not have thoughts about what a nasty little slut I can be.  It's a powerful effect and I am feeling all subby again.

Now on to the title of this post "Going to Regret".  Recently I made it so that we can have any porn we want in our bedroom.  It was cool to be tied to the bed blindfolded while Mistress tortured me and verbalized what was on the screen.  A few days ago I got an email from the brand of D/s porn.  They had a deal that was too good to pass up.  For the price of one site for 2 months I was able to get one month of ALL of their sites listed at the bottom.  I was able to quickly download several hours of content and obviously focused on Femdom ones, I also downloaded many others.  The regret part is that I also downloaded many hours of stuff that freaks me out, but Mistress likes.  Mainly forced-bi, transsexual and gay D/s porn.  A lot of the female submissive stuff I downloaded was stuff I wish to have happen to me, but can't really find it in male sub porn.  It was hard to choose which ones to download, but mainly went for the type of bondage or torture that turns me on since the actual people don't turn me on.  I imagine Mistress tying me down and making me watch them.  She would tease my cock all the while making comments on the video.  She would make me say things I wouldn't want to say just for the privilege of her touching me.  She would make me keep a dildo in my mouth whenever there was a cock in a guys mouth on the screen.  The same would go for my ass.  She would mimic the actions on the screen making me choke on cock.  As mean as the women are to the men, guys even seem more brutal to each other.  That's one thing I do find hot about the gay D/s porn.

The best part is in addition to having it in our bedroom there is an app for our phones and tablets that would allow us to view the movies in any room of the house.  I can imagine being tied up in the basement with a tablet streaming nasty stuff while I get beat.  Or even better, Mistress rubbing one out while she has her morning coffee watching men get tortured. A guy can dream can't he?

All the sites I have access to until the end of the month.

• Divine Bitches
• Electro Sluts
• Men in Pain
• Whipped Ass
• Wired Pussy

• Bound Gang Bangs
• Device Bondage
• Dungeon Sex
• Hardcore Gangbang
• Hogtied
• Kink University
• Public Disgrace
• Sadistic Rope
• Sex And Submission
• The Training Of O
• The Upper Floor
• Water Bondage

• Everything Butt
• Foot Worship
• Fucking Machines
• TS Pussy Hunters
• TS Seduction
• Ultimate Surrender

• 30 Minutes of Torment
• Bound Gods
• Bound in Public
• Butt Machine Boys
• Men On Edge

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