Monday, November 23, 2015

A Timely Post

A couple weeks ago Mistress and I were driving and this woman cut us off.  We both yelled at her but I used a less than nice word about this woman.  Mistress even commented on the word I chose, but nothing became of it.  Not 2 days later a blog I follow had a post that was very timely.  As much as I wanted to post it when I saw it, she really took her slave to task.  I have avoided posting it until now.

F'ing B*tch

Oh boy did I have to ever punish my husband the other day!

He was driving in traffic in the city, I was in the car, and another driver cut him off. It was pretty egregious. They cut right in front crossing three lines of traffic causing david to have to brake hard, and then cut into a right turn only lane, and then went straight through the intersection cutting off another car and not even turning right! In the natural flow of traffic we happened to catch up and it turned out it was a female Asian driver (Chinese I believe). Fairly young looking. Fairly oblivious looking. david glared at her (she did not even see) and then muttered "fucking bitch".

Ooooh! He didn't! Nice opportunity for a scene.

Here is the rest of this exciting and scary post of hers...

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