Thursday, August 13, 2015

Husband wants to be a Girl for the Night

I use an app that keeps track of a large list of blogs that I'm interested in.  That way I don't have to go to each blog and when there is an update it just shows up in my list of blogs.

There is one blog that I have frequently quoted (Strict Julie Spanks) and today is another one of those days.  While I am a little jealous of the husband of the blog writer, she is probably a little too extreme for me.  Either way, her blog is really good for some exciting stories.  Her most recent on that got my blood (and other parts) going.

 Here are some of the quotes that jumped out at me.

"Morning of I told him his wish would come true that evening. He would be made into a complete girl and treated as such by me."

"It was now time for my little bitch to suck cock."

"She wanted to be a "badly treated" girl for the night? She got her wish."

"I immediately scooped it all up and fed it to her. Every last drop I could get. I told her to hold it in her mouth and not swallow, or else!"

Here is a link to the full, very hot story...

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