Monday, August 17, 2015

My First Taste Of A New Rule.

Mistress has a new rule.  The rule is I can edge, but if any cum comes out I have to lick it up. That happened today.  I was edging to some breath play videos and pictures, but made sure not to get too close to the edge.  Then I saw Strict Julie's Blog had an update.

Here was the quote that set my cock to leaking...  the book has an interesting take on bra discipline. More subtle. Very elegant. Very subtly humiliating. Designed to curb a man's behavior almost willingly. She suggests coaxing a man into a bra, and then tying his sexual release to his willingness to wear his bra, with the goal of eventually having him docile and brassièred 24x7. Punishment then means being locked into a more uncomfortable brassière, or a brassière that's harder to hide when out at work, or having to wear very large DDD breast forms under his brassière around the house or for chores, or even inviting other (trustworthy) women such as best-friends or female relations to be made aware of his brassière training. Lovely material, whether true or just lovely fantasy. And of course, one obvious application of brassière discipline is pointed out in the book as follows.  "a husband who ogles other women's chests should be given breasts that are undeniably feminine, to understand what it is like to have his chest stared at."

That punishment would certainly fit this particular crime!

That was it.  I dribbled.  I stopped reading so as to avoid further leakage, but know I will come back to the post.

The post spoke to me since Mistress and I were fantasizing the other night about her being meaner to me and finding ways to humiliate me publicly, especially on an upcoming trip.  So this one paragraph pushed me further than I planned on going.  Here is me doing what I said I would do...

It doesn't taste so bad when I am all worked up like I am.  Post orgasm cum is a whole other story.  

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