Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bra Discipline

Since I ran into the post about bra discipline, I can't seem to get my mind off of it.  I edged to it last week and ended up having to eat my pre-cum ( ).

I decided to look into the e-book that was mentioned in the post.  OMG.  Not only is there "brassiere discipline", there is "put him in panties", "lingerie discipline" and "men as maids".  There is also a free e-book to each one.

This also reminds me of a post I read a while ago.  I'm paraphrasing here but the post was essentially "my way of weeding out the true submissives from the phonies is by making them wear a bra.  Most subs will wear panties or a chastity device, but put them in a bra 24/7 and you soon see just how submissive they are.  Once they realize how uncomfortable they are, they want out.  Some will even stay in chastity to avoid a tight bra."

Instead of having Mistress read the book here are some quotes I found intriguing.  The first one is out of order because Mistress mentioned we should go shopping for nighties for me.  This made me think of that "You may choose to brassière him when going out occasionally, perhaps as a punishment, or you may wish to insist that he wears a bra for particular situations, for example, whenever you take him shopping, something that will tame even the most recalcitrant of men!"
    • it has a strong deterrent effect 
      A man threatened with having to wear a bra knows that doing so would place him in an impossible situation, unable to explain his intimate attire were it to be discovered, yet requiring a certain amount of effort to prevent such discovery. 
    • it encourages a more submissive state of mind 
      Once a man is trapped in the embrace of a brassière, he knows that he finds himself in quite a quandary! He has submitted to his wife and acknowledged that she is in charge of the situation. 
    • it provides a constant reminder of its presence 
      It is difficult for a man to forget that he is wearing a brassière, both physically and psychologically. The pull of its elastic, the pressure around his chest and even the feel of its materials are all sensations he is unlikely to have experienced from any of his regular clothing. Moreover, the constant fear of discovery, coupled with the vigilance required to avoid being found out, leads to a sense of being kept on edge, making it impossible to ignore a brassière's presence for any length of time.
      • Threaten him with having to wear a bra 
        Even if your husband has yet to wear a bra, merely the threat of having to do so can be very powerful, particularly if he has already shown a strong aversion to the idea. If the thought of having to wear a brassière causes him to freeze with horror, filling him with dread at the prospect of being placed in such an embarrassing predicament, simply suggesting that he do so should be sufficient to stop him in his tracks and return his thoughts to your needs. .If your husband is already brassièred, you can achieve a similar effect by threatening to make his discipline more severe, either by prolonging the time he must spend so attired, or by having him wear a brassière that is even worse. 
      • make him wear a bra occasionally as a punishment 
        For your threat to have meaning, you must be prepared to carry it out from time to time, not least to avoid your husband calling your bluff. Fortunately, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't make him wear a bra if he misbehaves, either straight away if you are alone together, or later if doing so is not immediately practical. 
      • make him wear a bra whilst doing household chores 
        It is best to fix a regular time for your husband to undertake the chores, presenting him with his brassière immediately prior to him starting work. It should be made clear to him that he will remain brassièred until everything has been completed to your satisfaction, with any sign of him having made insufficient effort being dealt with accordingly.
      • make him wear a bra around the house 
        Of all the places where you can make your husband wear a bra, by far the easiest is within the privacy of your own home.  Initially, you may wish to choose the occasional evening for him to be brassièred, perhaps presenting him with something suitable to wear when he returns home from work, but in time, such occasions should become more and more frequent until you insist that he wears a brassière whenever he is at home. 
      • make him wear a bra when going out 
        Whilst having to wear the most feminine of garments in private is already a most effective means of discipline, thanks to the unique connotations of the brassière, having to do so in public presents your husband with the additional concern that someone might discover what he has been made to wear. You may choose to brassière him when going out occasionally, perhaps as a punishment, or you may wish to insist that he wears a bra for particular situations, for example, whenever you take him shopping, something that will tame even the most recalcitrant of men!
      • make him wear a bra to work 
        For many men, the eight or more hours spent at work each day constitutes the longest period of time they spend apart from their wives, and thus proves to be the most beneficial part of the day as far as brassière training is concerned.
      • make him wear a bra to sleep 
        Many women with larger breasts find they benefit from wearing a brassière at night as well as during the day. Although your husband is unlikely to require the support that doing so provides, that does not stop you insisting that he wears a bra to bed too. Waking up to find that he is already brassièred from the night before is a very profound experience for a man, reminding him of his position in your relationship right from the very start of the day. 
      • make him wear a bra twenty four hours a day, seven days a week 
        Although you might expect such men to grow so used to being brassièred that it no longer has any kind of disciplinary effect, this is far from the case! Regardless of whether a man has been wearing a brassière for one day or for ten years, he will still have the same dilemma as to how he can adjust his bra straps without anyone noticing his embarrassing secret, whereas an uncomfortably tight punishment brassière will remain just as difficult for him to wear, offering just as much discouragement from misbehaving again.
      • make him wear a bra that is too tight  The simplest and most effective way to make your husband's bra wearing more uncomfortable is to have him wear a brassière that is too tight. Wearing such a bra will soon become very irritating, causing the man unfortunate enough to be trapped inside to want to endlessly fiddle with it in a vain attempt at obtaining relief. Worn in a public setting, the man in question is in quite a predicament, knowing that any attempt at adjusting his brassière must be done in private so as to avoid the risk of discovery.  Longline bras are ideally suited for use in this way, as are basques, particularly those with additional boning to help mould the figure. The extra length of such foundation garments serves to constrict much more of the upper body, with an effect that is not dissimilar to wearing a modestly laced corset.
    How do I make the punishment fit the crime?
      • a husband who removes his bra without permission 
      • should be locked into a punishment bra, so that he understands he has no choice over when or where he is brassièred.
      • a husband who complains too much about his bra 
        should be made to wear an uncomfortably tight bra, to show him how reasonable his regular brassières are.
      • a husband who slovenly allows his bra straps to remain slipped 
        should be made to wear a bra whose straps will not stay put, and chastised each and every time they fall.
      • a husband who ogles other women's chests 
        should be given breasts that are undeniably feminine, to understand what it is like to have his chest stared at.
      • a husband who is caught with pornography 
        should be given huge breasts that are awkward and cumbersome, to teach him that women's bodies are not just for men's pleasure.
      • a husband who is too cocky or has an attitude problem 
        should be made to wear a bra that is difficult to hide, keeping him on edge with a constant fear of discovery.
      • a husband who does not do his chores or keeps going out 
        should be made to wear a bra that cannot be hidden, to prevent him from leaving the house until you decide he should.
      • a husband who has been rude and demeaning towards women 
        should spend some time wearing only feminine lingerie, until he understands his place.
    I've clearly fantasized quite a bit about this.  This could be one of those "be careful what you wish for moments".rt.

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