Wednesday, December 17, 2014


So it's been over a month since I last posted.  Life has gotten very, very busy with me starting a new job (while I still have my old one).  Mistress and I also went 3 weeks without having sex.  That's pretty close to the longest we have gone in over 4 years.

This weekend we got to have sex again.  Mistress was pretty verbal during sex and got me pretty ramped up.  She told me things were going to start getting back to where we both want them.  With me wearing things under my clothes.  Going into chastity when I am with female clients, (which I find very hot).  I added that although I am much busier now we can take some of the tasks I would do during the day and do them during the evening (like wearing a butt plug for X number of hours, or a bra until bedtime).  I think it's hotter to be wearing things with her around any way.

In addition to the above Mistress is "forcing" nighties on my again.  As much as I don't like wearing them, they do speed up my libido.  The very first night she had me in a nighty, I had a dream about me wearing pantyhose (with a hole cut out for my cock) while having sex with my Mistress as well as dreams about wearing panties 24/7 and people knowing about it.  I have been pretty ramped up the last few days thinking about all of my D/s fantasies with my Mistress.

I'd love to do a nice long drawn out post, but I don't have time.  That being said, I did find another blog post that I found pretty hot.  Here it is.

Right now hubby is “sleeping” in the bedroom and enjoying(?), well maybe not so much enjoying but ENDURING his Thanksgiving morning! It’s no parade for him this morning, hahaha! I have my honey stuffed with the large Njoy plug, tied to the bed and the magic wand secured firmly to his chastity cage. What an amazing way to spend your thanksgiving morning, don't you think??

About a half an hour into having him restrained like this I received a few texts and nothing does them justice like just taking a screenshot. He really was having a tough time because the wand was giving him just enough to edge him and keep him wanting to cum but he just wasn't getting pushed over. I told him he likely wouldn't want to cum because that wand was just going to give him some massive Post Orgasmic Torture, simply because I have no plans to turn it off if it does happen. :)

 The best part of all of this is when I went in there and straddled the wand, just like it is there, and gave myself one awesome orgasm. I soaked right through my panties! Fuck it was fantastic! I did torment him a good portion of the morning already. He is still restrained and the wand secure but I turned it off for now to give the wand a rest so I can do it all over again.  It's going to be a long day for him.

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