Monday, November 10, 2014


My last post mentioned how wearing a chastity belt "marks" me as Mistress' property.  Lately I have been fantasizing a lot about being marked.  The more I think about it the more ways I think someone can be "marked".  There are already several ways I am already marked. Some subtle and some not so subtle.   The number one marking I have is the lack of hair on my body.  When I met Mistress I was shaved, but I at least had armpit hair.  Mistress requires me to shave my pits as well.  Shaving my body has some deniability (biking, body building), but shaved armpits is harder to explain.  I am very aware of it when we are around others and my shirt is off.  One can be marked with clothes.  Things such as panties, bras and nighty's aren't markings of the skin but I feel marked when wearing these items.  Although they can be easily removed, they are still a reminder of my submissiveness and if anyone were to see them, I would certainly be identified as a freak. Another way I am frequently marked is nail polish.  For about 6 months a year, my toenails are painted and sometimes my fingernails as well.  I am very aware and cautious.  When spring comes and my toenails are no longer painted, there is a solid 2-3 months that when I am barefoot or in flip-flops I freak out thinking everyone can see my toenails.  There is also a very visual reminder every time I look down and see my toes.  Polish also can't be removed as easily as clothing.  My collar is also a marking and one several people ask about.  It's deniable but still makes me very aware.

I fantasize about having a tattoo that marks me as being owned by Mistress.  Neither one of us is into tattoo's (as well as the permanence of a tattoo) so that's really not an option.  I do have some henna gel that last 5-7 days, so that is a good option.  I fantasize about Mistress using the gel on me and marking my body with humiliating words and such.  Since the gel doesn't wash away it would be a constant reminder and erotically humiliating.  Magic marker would also work, especially now that they make so many colors.

The last 2 are the markings I fantasize about the most.  One is bruising.  A nice black and blue that turns yellow after a few days.  Not only are the colors a reminder, but so is the pain that comes with the bruising.  There is no washing away the marks, and there is certainly no denying the marks.  Lastly is "cutting".  I have a couple scalpels  that I got at a kink event.  I fantasize about Mistress tying me down and lightly cutting her name or something humiliating into my skin.  Mistress doesn't like blood however so that will likely not happen.  I then think about doing it to myself or hiring a tattoo or piercing artist to do it for me.  The thought of having my submission carved into my skin makes me submissively drunk.

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