Monday, August 26, 2013

Today's Edge - Repeats

Today's edge had me thinking about a couple old articles I read some time ago.  I'm fairly certain I have shared them with MBB before.  These have a huge effect on my mind.

From the book "Female Domination":

Occasionally my husband will require correction. Lately we have been using a technique called Riding the Horse and I learned about it on the Internet. The horse is basically a bench with a beam. The idea is that he is made to stand with his male sexual organs resting on a pointed, but not actually sharp, wooden board as he straddles the beam. The board is just a little too high, so that having both feet flat on the floor is just too painful. His hands are usually handcuffed behind him and attached to the ceiling by rope, forcing his body to lean slightly forward, which exposes primarily the perineum and his organs to the pointed beam. Time becomes the big enemy, since eventually his leg muscles tire and he must adjust positions to relieve the stress.  But that just causes new stress and pressure, so there needs to be another shift, and so on. It creates a downward spiral where shifting becomes more and more frequent. All the while his organs are being raked across the pointed beam.

When he gets to the point where he is shifting continuously, he is now properly Riding the Horse.  It usually requires just under an hour for him to get to that point and during that build up time we have some very productive discussions. Once he is fully Riding, it becomes impossible to have a coherent conversation since his mind is pretty much occupied.  Sometimes I have him wear high heels, which both increases his discomfort, and makes a really great sound. The time he is made to ride depends upon the infraction being corrected. The pain level is obviously intense which is, of course, the point. A session on the Horse makes him very penitent.

By the way, I recently began introducing him to the idea of cuckolding. He put up a bit of fuss (for him) at first, but a session on the Horse can be very persuasive. The great thing about the Horse is that it requires hardly any effort from me. Time and weight, physics if you will, do all the work. In fact, the only effort required from me is to make it stop, and I have all the time it takes. We also use other punishments, but the Horse is fast becoming my preferred correction instrument.

How to make the Horse:

The horse is SUCH a wonderful addition for any female dominant household! In its simplest form, the "horse" is basically a sturdy saw horse with a pointed cross beam. Please share the photos with whomever you wish.

As for where ours came from, we adapted it from an existing saw horse -- which is useful for so many household projects. Our saw horse is very sturdy -- not one of those collapsible kind that some people have. All we added to this were uprights at either end, made from 1"x4" wood screwed deeply (at least 1.5" screws) into the horse. The cross beam was cut from a 1"x6" (I think) piece of wood using an angled blade on the table saw. It is a couple of feet long. The angle itself is about 30 degrees and is sanded just enough to remove splinters, but it is still rough. The cross beam is attached to the added upright pieces also with long screws.

The height is by trial and error. It must be high enough to ensure that at least one barefooted heel is off the ground at all times. (If you require the man to wear 5" high spikey heels, as I sometimes do, then
both heel points can rest on the ground. The pressure on his feet and calves should be enough to soon get him squirming. I add blocks of wood under the saw horse to make up the additional needed height). I believe that it is best if the "rider's" feet are about shoulder width apart. Our horse has rails near the bottom for this purpose, and to use as a tie point for the ankles. An ankle spreader would work just as well. Fasten his hands behind his back or in the front to his collar, or to a ceiling rope. Either way, you must ensure that he cannot use his hands or arm strength to relieve any of the pressure from the cross beam. It is that pressure, and the eventual need to shift it from one contact point to another, that will do the work.

The "horse" may not seem like it is doing anything at all for the first many minutes. But just give it time. He should be going clipity-clopity within an hour or so. Your experience may vary. A blindfold will also "enhance" his experience.

From Janet W:

Dear Elise, I wanted to share with you and your readers, especially the women, that technology can greatly assist a woman as she dominates her husband. I know some women complain that D&S is too time consuming and that men need too much domination in the bedroom in order for them to be obedient outside the bedroom. That is where technology and the use of gadgets can greatly help.

One example is strap-on play. There are devices available over the internet or at fetish shows known as “Fucking machines”. There are different types from hand held devices to elaborate machines. We have one that runs by motor and it has different stroke settings. Now I like strap-on play and we still do it the old way but sometimes I want to dominate my husband without having to go through the physically demanding workout of strap-on play. I want to use strap-on play as a discipline and the machine can go longer and harder than I can.

I will make my husband get naked on the bed and I will bind him in the desired position, either bent over something or on his back with his ankles fastened to the bed canopy post. I will use my fingers to lubricate him and then I will position the machine so that the dildo is against his anus. I guide the dildo into him and once I am sure it is in the proper position, I turn on the machine and it will fuck him for as long as I want.

If it is a D&S session, I might straddle his face and have him pleasure me or I might utilize other implements like whips and what not while he is being fucked by the machine. But there are many times the machine does all the work as I just observe. I do not leave him unattended but I might talk on the phone while I sit on his face or I might just sit there and read or I might just observe. It is easy on me and I love it when he gets to that place where he begs me to stop the machine. I can adjust the RPM and make it faster and more intense.

I can also control it with a remote control. I love to get him to the edge of orgasm and then turn it off. Then I will wait a minute or two and turn it back on. I can go back and forth like this which really drives him crazy. I can also get him to where he agrees to about anything I want. The fucking machine is great for both rewarding and disciplining a man.

Another device I like to use is a remote control cock ring that transmits electrical shocks. I can discipline my husband while he is doing chores or while he is pleasuring me by shocking his genitals at the touch of a button.

We had a spanking machine. It was a motorized device that swung a paddle and I could set the frequency and the harshness of the paddle. I could paddle him long and hard without ever getting out of my chair. Unfortunately that device broke and we have yet to fix it.

My point is that it is possible to discipline a man and have D&S sessions with a man without exerting much energy. Technology makes that possible and there are more and more devices being invented all the time. A woman can lay back and have her slave orally pleasure her and with a remote control she can spank him, fuck him, shock him, administer an enema (we did this before with a timed device that released the pre-determined amount of water in an enema bag into the enema nozzle that was inserted in his rectum), or whatever the imagination can come up with.

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