Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Today's Edge - Cum

Yesterday when I had all of my femme thoughts going through my mind, one thought that stuck with me was a blog that used to be online.  In that blog, the Mistress Ms. Marie made her husband dress up in women's clothes and then she made him go pump gas across the street while she watched and took pictures.  I looked everyone for that pic, as while the idea horrifies me, in my current state of mind it pushes all the right buttons.

While I was looking for that picture, I found one from another one of her blog posts.  In her post she explains how she ties her slave husband down with a ring gag in his mouth.  She then makes him cum into a condom and after he comes she uses a syringe to suck the cum out and force it into his mouth.  If I remember correctly she makes sure it's all over the inside of his mouth and she leaves the room for some time so that he is fully humiliated and docile.  Here is the pic from her blog.

Well last night I came up to bed and found a nighty on the bed for me to wear.  MBB joked about "sweet dreams" full well knowing that I would have ramped up dreams and unfortunately this picture from yesterday created ideas that dominated my thoughts last night.  It's very frustrating to fantasize about something I know deep down I don't "want".  Eating cum isn't a fantasy of mine, being forced to do something that so disgusts me is what is my fantasy.

Below are some ideas I ran across and some pics that really show the fetish in detail.

The first idea follows the condom and cum idea.  Here are some pics

Then there is the idea of cum being fed to the submissive during a hand job (no lube I hope)

Or being forced to take cum from my Mistress's body

The last idea's are things to do with cum other than eating it (found while looking for the above).

Leaving slave tied up and cum from both left on slaves face until it dries.
Making slave cum in pants while out and can't clean it up.
Using syringe to fill slaves ass with cum
Having slave fuck Mistress before she goes to work.  Mistress returns home with cum filled panites to gag slave with.
Tie slave up in panythose, make him cum in them and let them dry (painful to remove).
Cum gag
Lick cum off dildo.


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