Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Today's Edge - Feminization

There is this thing that happens at different levels of orgasm denial.  The longer I go without an orgasm, the more into feminization I get.  This morning had me imagining winter with painted toe nails again as well as fantasizing about panties, nighty's, makeup, heels and all things Femme.  It also had me thinking about some pictures we have taken of me in the past as well as some hot pictures I found online.  The first set of pictures are of me, and the 2nd set are ones I wish were me.  This is what I edged to this morning.  I was actually leaking cum without even being close to the edge.

Posing for Mistress

On web cam performing

Posing for Mistress

Pictures found online...

Love the hair and outfit
Awesome Corset
Nice Bondage

what a slut


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