Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today's Edge - Painted and Plugged and Vacation

This morning I woke up to an email that instructed me to wear my butt plug a minimum 2 hours today as well as painting my fingernails and toenails with clear polish.  The clear polish on my fingernails is always a constant reminder of how desperate I am for Mistress' control over me.  I can actually feel the polish as well as the constant visual reminder.  While I was putting it on I noticed how subtle it really is.  It made me think about going a shade or 2 closer to pink or red.  Once I started on that line of thought, I started thinking about yet more naughty thoughts.  As I edged, I thought about MBB making me wear polish on our upcoming vacation.  People might notice, but we will never see them again.  Then that got my mind going, what else could we do on a vacation that would no one would actually notice, but would be a total mind fuck to me.  Some of the things that ran through my mind...

Wearing a shorter than normal swimsuit in public (not a speedo).
Tinted nail polish
Clear or darker mascara
Tinted lip balm
Cock Ring at meals, shows or even the pool
butt plug
bra or camisole under suit
stockings under clothes (socks not allowed)
women's perfume or deodorant

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