Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today's Edge - Packing

Mistress and I have a dungeon in our house in a spare bedroom in the basement.  Oou water company needs to replace our water meter and it's in that bedroom.  We are also looking at remodeling and the that room is right below the remodel.  Soooo, I am packing up the dungeon until we get through these projects.  I started packing the other day and that got my mind racing this morning.

My alter ego Sophia has an entire suitcase of clothes (panties, stockings, etc) as well as a partial closet I need to pack or move.  These clothes used to be upstairs, but I moved them when Mistress and I had a disagreement in January.  I haven't moved them back yet.  I did edge thinking about all of the sexy outfits Sophia has.

I packed a ton of hitting implements, to which I edged about thinking about a hard beating with bruises.  I packed the clothespin zipper, hood, blindfolds, gags. etc.  to which I also fantasized about.

I packed a stack of magazines that I spent hours and hours mmasturbating to when I was a younger man.

I packed the cock sucking machine as well as the e-stim machine.  I edged thinking about being electro tortured by Mistress as well as milked dry.

I have about half the dungeon packed and still need to pack the rest and disassemble the furniture.  The rest of the packing should give me more things to think about while I edge.

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