Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekly Post

This last week was a good start.  MBB had me prepare our dungeon on Thursday night for some naughtiness.  I found myself tied to the cross with a vibrating inflatable butt plug in my ass while she stroked my cock and teased the fuck out of me. Between the buzzing in my ass and her expert hands that I have missed so much it wasn't long before I was ready to cum.  After extracting dirty confessions out of me, she stroked me to an orgasm...  But she stopped short.  Too Short.  I came, lots, but with no real orgasm.  With the plug still buzzing in my ass, she probably could have ruined a 2nd orgasm in short order.

I would have thought our scene would have taken the edge off.  Instead all it did was make we want MBB to be more of a Bossy Bitch.  I am getting a little sub spacey just thinking about it.  I am really looking forward to her doing things SHE wants to have me do or to do to me.  I want her pleasure to come first no matter that it means for me.  If it's vanilla sex, with or without an orgasm for me, that's what I want.  If she wants me to pleasure her with toys, and I get nothing, that's what I want.  If it makes her wet to beat me to tears and leave me locked in the dark, that's what I want.  I really am wanting to do what she wants.  I believe I can find happiness doing things she wants to do and things I don't think I want to do.  Just the idea is making me hard.  I am in love with my Mistress!      

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