Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekly Post

I am very glad MBB and I discussed getting our Female Led Relationship back on track.  We have been ramping back up nicely.  It seems to me that MBB is getting more comfortable bossing me around.  As her confidence increases, she will be demanding more and more of me as her submissive.  We have had sex 3 times in the last week, and only one of those times have I had an orgasm.  I can easily see us having sex 4-6 times a week with no release for me.  I like the idea of being her tool for pleasure.  There is nothing hotter than being told to take off my pants and to fuck her as long as she wants.  It reminds me of our first 6 months of dating where she would tell me "when we get home, go upstairs, get naked, and get the ropes out."  While ropes would be nice, I have committed to pleasing Mistress on her terms.  It turns me on immensely to see what her idea of a D/s relationship is without her being too influenced by what I want.  The more I think about doing it her way and how it might be much different than a fantasy I have built up in my head, the more real it seems.  Submitting to her on my terms is play.  Submitting to her on her terms will be a great way to get deep into my soul.

This week also brings something new.  Every day, I am to have my butt plug in before Mistress gets home from work.  Normally she will have me plug myself during the day, which is fine, but to be plugged in her presence will definitely be more interesting.  My head is spinning just a tad at the thought of preparing myself for her in this way.  My mind quickly starts thinking about the future and other things she may have me do before she gets home from work.  It's very easy to deny wearing women's clothes, wearing butt plugs or any other task she has me do when I am by myself.  It's a whole other level for me to do these things in front of her and impossible to deny.  I think it's more mentally effective for me to do these things in her presence.

Also, I am back to my morning schedule of 10 minutes of edging before getting out of bed.  It's an effective way of getting my head back in the game after my orgasm a couple days ago.  I was also instructed to move the webcam in my office so it shows me and my monitors.  There is a certain mind fuck about knowing I can be watched at any time without my knowledge.  Lastly, I have been told that today is a no porn day.  MBB thought it would be tough for me to edge without porn, it's not.  All I have to do is replay some of our scenes in my head, or imagine things MBB may have me do in the future.  My brain is pretty good about making it's own porn.

I am a very lucky man indeed.

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