Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blogs that I look forward to reading...

Here are a few blogs that I can identify with.  They are inspirational of how a Female Led Relationship could work. The thing I like most is they seem to be based on relationships or concepts that work in real relationships, not some fantasy world that is too hard to maintain.

#1 A Lazy Domme's Guide -  I chose "Lazy Domme" not because I don't enjoy topping, but because I have to fit my play into a busy life.

#2 Becoming a Mistress A Blog for the Average Woman by Mistress Ivey

#3 Strict Julie SpanksOne day my husband came to me and asked to be spanked. I tried it, and liked it! Now he may be getting more than he bargained for

Posts of Interest

#4 Miss Marie – Her Blog has been removed.

I really liked her and her subs dynamic.  Too bad she gone…

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