Friday, October 19, 2012

Some Eye Candy For Mistress

More than a few times MBB has told me she would love to see me with a man.  She likes gay porn and even TS porn.  I can see the appeal of it for her, but try and try as I might, I can't reconcile actually doing it in my brain.  I am not gay or bi, so it doesn't do anything for me.  I can see the fantasy part of it, (especially how brutal some of the gay BDSM porn I have seen can be) but if I was actually in that situation I would freak out badly  That being said, I am all for strapons, and anything a guy can do to another guy, I would be ok with MBB doing it to me with a strap on.  It's also pretty hot when she teases me about making me be with a man.

The pics below are situations I think MBB would love to see me in...

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