Saturday, September 29, 2018

Addicted To Desperation

Last night I was in bed in my nighty waiting for Mistress to come to bed.  When she came into the room she told me to get some towels.  That's how she tells me she wants to be fucked and given a good orgasm or 3.  As I got out of bed I took off my nighty.  She told me to put the nighty back on, which made my dick swell.

I love having to wear feminine attire in front of Mistress.  I love the erotic humiliation.  I feel shame, but a the same time accepted, which makes the shame a turn on.  I love how being dressed makes me less likely to be disobedient.  I love being encouraged to wear something feminine.  I wish I could be OK dressing up myself, but I am not there yet. 

As I put the towels on the bed, Mistress told me that she didn't get a chance to read my post from that day.  She asked me what I wrote.  I told her I would tell her as soon as my cock was inside her.  Mistress was in bed and I got on top of her.  In no time, Mistress's hands were underneath the bra of my nighty and she was pinching my nipples.  As I eased my cock into her I started to tell her about my post from that morning.  I told her about LOCK-tober, NO-vember and DENYcember which is a thing nowadays with those practicing chastity.  I told her how this year I am running behind last year as far as my time locked up.  Mistress jumped on this immediately and told me that I would be participating in all 3 months of this unless we were traveling.  I assured her I can stay locked up while traveling as well. 

We continued to talk while having sex.  Mistress told me that I needed to start wearing my collar again.  She told me to get my toenails painted this morning.  She also told me that she soon would be tying me up.  All of this talk got me fucking Mistress hard.  In no time she had one of the strongest orgasms I have felt in a long time.  She squirted all over my cock and came hard.  It seemed like all of that talk was getting her going as well.

Mistress then closed her legs with me still in her.  This is the position she likes to tease me.  We continued to talk.  I told her how much I love it when she is mean to me.  When she hurts me.  When she makes me dress up feminine. When she locks up my cock.  Mistress then told me to cum.  I begged her to not make me cum.  I told her I would do anything she asked me to.  I told her I wanted my last 3 weeks of denial to still be with me.  I dreaded the idea of cumming and having to go straight into chastity.  I dreaded the idea that she might make me clean my cum up with my mouth.  Mistress relented and told me to get off of her without cumming.  I tried to stay inside her and enjoy the feeling I knew wouldn't be feeling any time soon.  Mistress told me to go put my device on immediately.

As I struggled to put my device on my still hard cock, my head was spinning.  It has been quite sometime since Mistress cared about whether or not I wore my collar.  I love wearing it as it's a constant reminder of me relinquishing myself to her.  I love it even more when she wants me in the collar.

I climbed back into bed, locked and still in my nighty.  I gave Mistress a series of kisses as I thanked her for the privilege of being inside her.  I thanked her for locking me up.  I thanked her for not letting me cum.  I assured her that she can do whatever she wants to me and I will love it, even if I don't at the time.

I had a tough time sleeping last night with my libido so high.  But it was exactly what I needed.  This desperation and desire is like a drug to me and I am addicted. 


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