Monday, August 28, 2017

Public Play

We have been watching a TV show lately called 'The Sinner' with Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman.  In it, Bill Pullman's character is seeing what I am guessing is a pro-Domme or at least a kinky partner.  He keeps trying to break it off but he keeps coming back.  There are a few hints of their scenes, but the public one is what got me.  They both happen to be at the grocery store and it's during a time when he's told her he can't see her.  They see each other in the store down one of the aisles.  She takes a small box of oranges and dumps them on the floor and she just watches him.  You can tell he wants to walk away, but his submissive brain won't let him.  He walks down the aisle to the first orange.  He gets on his hands and knees and picks up all the oranges.  As soon as he is done, she walks off, leaving him with the oranges.  Hot!

That reminded me of the TV show 'Billions' with Paul Giamati.  Paul and his wife indulge in some Femdom and they also have a pro-Domme that they have have had sessions with.  Later in the series, Paul meets with the pro-Domme in a deli so that he can pick up the file she keeps on her clients.  He is about to run for public office and doesn't want anything to come back and bite him.  As they stand at the deli counter, they chat, but they don't even look at each other as they are trying act like they don't know one another.  As they end their meeting, she drops something.  She tells him to 'pick it up', and because he is submissive, he does.  I loved that scene.

Yesterday we had a bit of this ourselves.  Mistress and I ran to grab a quick breakfast so I just threw on some shoes without socks.  After breakfast we decided to go shopping instead of heading home.  I have been looking at buying a new pair of shoes and there were some good sales where we were at.  My toenails are painted a bright shiny shade of pink.  I had no socks, but wanted to try on some shoes.  I had to be careful, but the fear tuned me on.  Also, I tried on some pants in a few stores, so I had to take off my shoes in some of the dressing rooms.  I turned facing the wall so people couldn't see under the door and see my toenail.  I was also wearing panties, so seeing myself in the mirror in just a t-shirt, panties and painted toenails in a very brightly lit dressing room definitely added to my humiliation and fear of getting caught.  This was by no means a D/s shopping trip, but my brain certainly thought it was.

Just writing about it makes me want to escalate the experience.  Maybe I go shopping wearing a camisole and stockings.  Maybe Mistress drops something in every store we go into, purposely making sure it drops under a rack or at the register so I have to go on my knees to pick it up.  Maybe Mistress has me try on something that will embarrass me in a store with co-ed dressing rooms.   Maybe Mistress makes me put on women's clothes and we go for a ride in her car, a convertible. I fear public humiliation, but it also excites the heck out of me.

Also this post just happened.  It has public humiliation that may turn into a full blown scene.

Follow Up:
I posted the other day about being put in the smother box and servicing Mistress for hours.  Yesterday I ran into this Tumblr post. 


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