Monday, February 29, 2016

Flip of the switch

It's been quite a while since I posted.  The week of Feb 7th Mistress went on a road trip.  Instead of being locked in my full chastity device Mistress agreed to let me wear my Prince Albert Lock.

  Although Mistress trusts me its main purpose was to keep me honest.  I was planning on spending quite a bit of time out with friends and this was intended to be a constant reminder of my place as well as a way to keep me from putting my cock where it doesn't belong.  It also had a side effect I hadn't planned on.  I have stretched my piercing quite a bit from when I first got the lock.  The gauge of the lock felt more like a small wire and it managed to irritate the tip of my cock.  This even prevented me edging while she was gone and my pretty much doing anything to avoid any movement of my cock.

After Mistress returned we both managed to be sick for nearly 2 weeks as well as general life stuff getting in the way.  For the last few weeks we haven't had much going on, and for the most part I haven't thought much about kink in any shape or form.  I have only managed to edge a couple times this entire month.  Friday night that changed.  Mistress mentioned my painted toenails looked like shit.  Indeed they did.  I hadn't touched them in a month as we had not been in that realm.  She told me she expected them to be repainted no later than the next day.  Well that did it.  A switch in my brain had been flipped.  I woke up way too early on Saturday morning due to my mind racing with naughty thoughts.

My mind started thinking about painting not only my toenails, but also my finger nails.  I started thinking about panties, bras and nighties.

I fantasied about Mistress teasing and denying my cock or even worse, making me cum and eat it.  I thought about wearing feminine items under my clothes.  We have a quick trip coming up and I thought about Mistress torturing me in our hotel room.  I thought about being humiliated, hurt, and used.

I thought about me pulling some of our dungeon equipment out of storage for a good beating.  I thought about going back into chastity.  I spent time measuring my cock for a new chastity device I hope to order when we have some extra money.  In short, I am a horny little mess again.

One side effect of life getting in the way of intimacy and kink is that I have only managed to have 2 orgasms this year so far.  When I was in my device last, I had begged Mistress to keep my orgasms as limited to no more than once a month if not much longer.  Of course I had different ideas how it would look, but I am still happy I am a chaste slave desperate for my Mistress.

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