Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Very hot Tumblr Post

I was just going through a couple Tumblr feeds and ran into a very hot post.

My Darling Husband’s career takes him out of town on a regular basis. Being the dutiful and resourceful wife that I am, I use these times to fill his thoughts with bits and pieces of my plans for him when he returns.

I have been playing chess in his head for a number of years, so I know exactly how to give him just enough information to turn his chastised cock into a kickstand but not so much that he would be tempted to touch what belongs to me.

I informed him that it had been too long since he was dressed completely ‘en femme’ and that I needed a nice little pussy to fuck. I have a new squirting dildo, you see, and wanted my gurlfriend to feel the power of a mouth full of cum.

I told my Darling Husband that when he retuned home he would bring me breakfast in bed, then retreat to the bathroom until he was no longer a he. Then …. Rather than making love to my gurlfriend as I have on previous occasions, I was going to fuck her hard, like the little slut that she is.

And so I did.

8 inch dildo in her hole

I fucked her mouth while she was locked into the stockade with an 8 inch dildo stuffed in her cunt - on display, like a piece of meat. Finally after making her gag of my rubber cock a number of times, I squeezed the manufactured cum deep into her throat and all over her face.


Afterward, she was dripping but denied her orgasm, even when she begged to be inside of me. I reminded her that slutty little girls play with themselves to cum and placed the Hitachi against her caged clit.

Handcuffed to the bed, she reached her orgasm in seconds, even in chastity, and promptly passed out.

Nicely painted gurl nails

It is good to be the Queen. — KH


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