Thursday, March 5, 2015

Quick Post

Sunday Mistress and I had a fun little scene.  We had a Sunday Funday and came home from that a little worked up.  Mistress surprised me by telling me to get the bed ready for some bondage. After I was strapped down she used the hitachi on me and then on herself.  She alternated between a few slaps to my balls and edging me and then working the hitachi on herself (I'm guessing since I was blindfolded).  Mistress then climbed on my cock and started fucking me.

In my horny and drunken state, I asked if I could "run at the mouth".  Any more I try to avoid running at the mouth as I tend to tell her things I regret later.  If she interrogates me I always tell her, but lately she hasn't done that, so  I don't volunteer too much info.   Mistress gave me permission.  I told her I wanted to cum inside her and have her climb on my face and make me suck my cum out of her.  I told her if I fought it to squeeze my balls until I did it.  I think that got her close to an orgasm, but I think she needed more. I told her that I thought about being locked in chastity while she went on her business trip and she really seemed to get off on that.  I was pleasantly surprised that my chastity talk seemed to push her over the edge.  I clearly have a tolerate/hate relationship with chastity, but to think that she can literally get off on the idea of me being locked up, let's just say that excites me greatly.  The last few days I have fantasized about her getting herself off several times a day while I am locked up.

As Mistress got worked up by the chastity talk she started to cum, she ordered me to cum and I did.  The very next thing Mistress did was climb up onto my face while I begged her not to.  I tried to fight it for a few seconds, but since she already surprised me by climbing up on my face I was terrified she might squeeze my super sensitive balls.   I reluctantly dove in and licked what I could.  too be honest I couldn't really tell how much cum came out.  Regardless, Mistress did something I didn't think she had in her.  When it all happened I was disgusted.  I was humiliated.  I was regretting things.  But as I write this I have a hard-on that won't quit.  The thought of Mistress making me do something that I clearly didn't want (post orgasm) far overrides the negative thoughts. The idea of being made to do something against my will touches me in a very deep and primal way.  I'm looking forward to the next thing I am forced to do against my will.

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