Monday, March 30, 2015

Chastity Thoughts

If you read this blog for any length of time you quickly realize that I have a tolerate/hate relationship with chastity.  Chastity is fine as I am self chaste, it's the devices that are the pain in the balls (quite literally).  It's not the device that gets me hot, it's Mistress taking control of my cock even though she knows I dislike it.  It's having control taken away from me that's hot.  That being said, I found a post with a device that looks much more comfortable, escape proof and apparently, even a Hitachi can't produce an orgasm.  Here is the post.

So it’s one o’clock in the morning…

I’m horny as hell and developing a whole new level of respect for the Steelworxx Tube Jacket.

My lovely wife still hasn’t gotten around to taking charge of things. To taking the keys yet. I’m determined not to nag or push and to just wait for her to decide the time is right. But that’s another story.

She’s away this weekend so I thought it might be nice to try sleeping in the device just to see how it feels. So I commit to myself I’ll voluntarily wear the Tube Jacket all night.

I miss the feeling of waking up to my little penis straining against metal.
I’ve been fairly suspect of the effectiveness of such a small, minimalist design- no cage- no ring- kind of awkward looking- just a short tight tube right around the sweet spot.

I’ve defeated much more intimidating devices.

Getting to sleep was impossible. It’d been a long time since I’ve worn a chastity device all night. So some time after midnight I decided to just take it off and give myself an orgasm.

But then I decided why not just leave it on and use the Hitachi instead. I haven’t cum in several days so I figured it would be easy. And then I could still wake up with it on.

So I put a towel down on the bathroom counter (confidence!) leaned against the cabinet and started working myself over with the wand.

It felt good. It felt very good.

And I got really close to cumming several times. The last one my legs were quivering and I had to move to the side of the bathtub so I could work on it in a sitting position.

I tried to get off with a Hitachi Magic Wand for a good 20-25 minutes before I finally just gave up.

Between covering the sensitive area and being so tight it really stifled my erection the little Tube Jacket stood its ground against a very powerful vibrator.

A vibrator that would be locked up itself if this was for real.

The Steelworxx Tube Jacket

I was impressed. And pleasantly surprised.

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