Thursday, March 26, 2015

Worked up

My last orgams was March 9th, but who is counting?  I am, here

The longest I go without orgasms with my Mistress is about 2 weeks so I am now really starting to feel worked up.  Yesterday I was not feeling well so I went to my happy place with some really naughty thoughts.  Naughty enough that I am not even going to post them today.    What I am going to post is a 2 part series from a blog I read whenever she posts.  The blog is very real from what I can tell and would an awesome way to live, but in real life I think it would be more than I could handle.  

I have had to break it up into several days because as soon as I got a little bit into it, my cock would start leaking with me barely even hard...  I wanted to edge, but the leaking is happening before I even get close so I stop.

Here are a few quotes that got to me.

I was getting a bit bored so I thought I would spice things up by exposing David to another woman in the most humiliating way I could think of: anal training followed by a good old fashioned Double Penetration!

"So david, Julie tells me that you two have a very 'interesting' relationship?"

Poor david didn't know what to say. She watched him twist for a little while on that question and then went on.

"Well I'm not going to disappoint Kimberley now that she's come all this way." I said. "You will be taking it, taking every last inch, down your throat AND up your ass. And Kimberley will go as hard, as deep, as fast, and for as long as she wants to."

Part 1

Part 2

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