Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thank You!

This is a quick post to my Mistress.

Thank you for tying me up on Saturday.
Thank you for stretching me so tightly.
Thank you for making me put something in my ass.
Thank you for manipulating my prostate.
Thank you for hurting me.
Thank you for hitting my balls.
Thank you for leaving marks on me.
Thank you for teasing and denying me so much.
Thank you giving yourself orgasms while I could only listen.
Thank you for squirting all over my cock.
Thank you for ruining my orgasm :-)
Thank you for making me paint my toenails.
Thank you for making me wear a nighty last night.  That's why I was awake so early, thinking naughty thoughts.
Thank you for humiliating me with my feminine clothes, and making me show you my purchases.  I hate it but I love it.

As ordered, here are pics of my 2 outfits.  The first one fits terribly, The second one fits nicely.  In fact I gave myself a task of wearing the 2nd one until I finished this post.

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