Monday, January 12, 2015

A Bet

This weekend Mistress and I had date night.  It was a completely vanilla date night and it was awesome.  We chatted and shared our dreams on the upcoming year.  Just as our date was ending Mistress and I bet on something.  She told me if she won she wanted me to lay in bed (no bondage) and use the hitachi on herself all the while ignoring my needs.  I found that to be very hot.  She then asked me what I wanted if I won.  I said "the same thing with me tied down" (win-win).  I won!

While Mistress has not been able to make good on the bet, it certainly has got me worked up.  I woke up very early Saturday morning with some very extreme thoughts going through my mind.  The last 2 days though, the extreme nature of my thoughts have receded.  That doesn't mean they have gone away. Mistress' bet brought another one of my fantasies up front in my mind.  That fantasy being where Mistress makes sure she is taken care of and I am either used for her pleasure or ignored while she pleases herself. When we first started dating I taught her that she was free to use me as much as she wanted and my orgasms shouldn't concern her.  Many times she would make me fuck her and after a few orgasms she would push me off and tell me she was done with me.  Our last session she used the hitachi on herself and eventually gave me a ruined orgasm.  The ruined orgasm sucked, but the fact Mistress took care of herself and intentionally took away my pleasure was very, very hot.

So now my fantasies have been revolving around this dynamic.  Here are a few variations...

  • Mistress would tie me to the bed and get herself off time and again.  She might tease me she might not.  
  • Mistress would watch one of her TV shows all the while teasing me and denying me.
  • Mistress would tie me to the bed and make me use one hand to keep myself hard for an entire show.
  • Mistress would use the electric butt plug on me and keep edging me until I was oozing pre-cum with no orgasm.  
  • Mistress would use the hitachi on herself nightly while teasing me that I am not allowed to cum.
  • Mistress would use the fucking machine while I had to watch her cum time and again.

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