Monday, August 1, 2011

The latest

MBB and I had 2 great "scenes" this weekend.  MBB had me teased and in a tizzy.  I still can't believe how being tied down can put me in such a head space.  It seems the tighter I am bound, the more helpless I am made to be, the more turned on I am.  MBB then proceeds to tease my cock and driving me insane.  The things that run through my head are amazing to me, especially because I can be made to agree to just about anything.  Mention something and if I won't agree to it now, just keep on teasing.  It's amazing how well it works. 

MBB is slowing learning that she can have pretty much full control over me.  Of course there will be times when she won't have control, but she will be able to wrest control back from me and make me pay for the time I was stubborn.  I am very easily manipulated by my kink.  Enough so that it concerns me sometimes, but not so much so that I would ever consider not being this way.  I am excited and a little bit frightened that MBB is finally learning this about me.

Lastly, I am in an amazing mood today.  I almost forgot to dress in femme clothes today.  I wonder what MBB would have done if I wasn't dressed when I came downstairs.  It's still very hard for me to dress or wear a nighty on my own accord (panties being the exception).  I feel like a "cross dresser" if I do on my own and it disturbs me a little (not like it used to).  Being commanded though makes it more palatable for me.  I don't call it forced feminization, but more like coerced feminization.  Either way, I am in a very horny pliable state of mind today.

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