Wednesday, May 23, 2018


This morning chastity was on my mind.  I woke up and found my plastic device but I couldn't find the key.  I remembered the latest Chinese knockoff device that I received that I mis-ordered.  I found the device and put it on underneath my white and black polka-dot panties.  When I ordered this I was looking for an extremely small device, but accidentally ordered the bigger of the two.

I wanted the smaller device because the more I read and learn about chastity it seems that the larger the device, the more issues you have.  I also wanted the device to be punitive.  The device did come with punishment spikes, but those are more fantasy than reality.  This is my first time in the device, even though I got it back in January.  It measures 3 inches long and in my current state I fill every inch of it.  I will wear it the rest of the day to see how it fits when I am not aroused.  I estimate the smaller version would be about 1.5 inches in length.  I would love/hate to be locked into a 1.5 inch device.  I'm pretty sure this pic shows the device I meant to order. Wow!

I love being in chastity for Mistress but I am not a big fan of self locking.  Although right now this device is keeping me from edging while Mistress is at another meeting.  I could take it off though... 

Hopefully we get back here soon.

Here are a few more super small devices.  One of these say it's only 1 inch long.  


  1. I thought mine was small! Those are amazing! Where did you find those pics?