Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Latex and a penis pump

This morning I worked out and was feeling a bit naughty.  Our toy closet is right next to our home gym.  Since Mistress went to a meeting, I looked for something kinky to add to my workout.  I found a penis pump and also ran across a latex outfit I own.

I gave myself a nice few pumps to my cock and when I was nice and hard, I slid on the latex shorts.  Slid on is a bit of a misnomer.  Anyone that owns latex knows you have to wiggle into it.

Once I was in I started my workout.  When I was done I was a hot and sweaty mess in the shorts.  I loved the feeling of everything being slick and squishing around.  The shorts have a zipper in the front.  I imagined wearing the entire outfit, lubed up with my cock and balls hanging out and being tied to the bed while Mistress fucks me.  She doesn't let me out as she wants to see me sweat and squirm.

I got out of the shorts and gave my cock a few good pumps with the penis pump and got dressed.  I wore pink panties the rest of the day and got to work.  Nothing like being all horny when Mistress is out.

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