Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Perfume and Orgasm Denial

I am consistently amazed at what a spray of perfume can do to me.  This morning I woke up, not really in a mood for femininity.  That changed within a few seconds of me putting on my morning perfume.  I went from trying to figure out the least feminine thing I could get away with wearing to getting dressed up in something classy and sexy.  I had initially gone without a bra, but I went back upstairs to put one on.  As I was putting my bra on I fantasized about Mistress adding items to my attire on particular days.  Something to up the stakes and make me much more aware of my situation.  Deodorant, perfume, panties, bra, inserts, heels, stockings, corset, anklet, bracelet, wig, clip on earrings, feminine ring, mascara, lipstick, nail polish, temporary fake nails, choker, etc.  There is something very hot about being given specific instructions.

I made sure to do the dishes this morning, as I like the way I look and feel when I am doing chores while I am dressed up.

The other day we had a spill in the refrigerator and I had to clean it up before it spread.  It was certainly harder being fully dressed and in heels.  Add to that, Mistress was in the next room working on something, so it totally made me feel like a slave.

As this post started I am amazed at how well the perfume works.  I can smell it almost all day as it drifts from my chest into my nostrils.  Every time it does it scrambles my brain a bit.  It's certainly more potent in the morning when it mixes with the testosterone that has built up all night.  Just thinking of how powerful it is made me fantasize of being tied to the bed and having Mistress spray perfume into a cloth or a pair of panties and secure it over my nose for an extended period of time.  Or adding a spray of perfume into a plastic bag before some breath play.  Or having my clothes in the drawers and in the closet sprayed with perfume.  I can also imagine other scents being used for this type of domination.

Lastly, my last orgasm was 3.5 weeks away.  I am loving the build up of desire.  I want to make Mistress cum, and cum, and cum, all while I am teased and denied.  I want her to be absolutely spent and worn out.  My fear is Mistress will make me cum too soon and I have to start all over again.  I am so pliable when I am this way.  So needy.  So willing to do anything.  It's a great place to be.    



  1. I totally understand your feeling of not wanting to be made to cum. I am sure most men would find that to be completely contrary, but to an orgasm control junkie like us, this is a most wonderful situation.

    1. I couldn't agree more MRBILL. I, like many others like me/us, actually prefer not being allowed to cum over being made to cum.