Wednesday, July 5, 2017

In one of those moods

This morning I woke up in an extra horny mood.  I don't know why it is, but some mornings I wake up ready and willing to do anything.  The naughtier the better.  Today is one of those moods.  I got up and put my perfume on which took me to an even deeper level of desire.  I went to the extra bedroom where I keep those clothes and picked out my shoes first.  As soon as I did I knew I wanted to wear my shortest skirt.  The challenge was finding a top and when I did I decided to wear a bra with it today.  My panties are in the main bedroom where Mistress was still sleeping so I chose to go without, secretly hoping for some sort of consequence for not wearing panties.

So here I am typing this post with m head spinning. Sitting at my desk trying to keep good posture which forces the cups on my bra out.  Sitting like a lady with my knees and ankles together.  My perfume drifting up into my nostrils making me swoon.  Fantasizing about being Mistress little slut.  Mistress making me change outfits.  Mistress making me walk into the back yard.  Mistress making spend time in the cage.  Mistress making me do some chores around the house in my outfit.  Mistress making me perform with our sex toys.  Mistress teasing and denying me all day until I am in tears.  Mistress making me wear shackles all day long.  A nice long beating.  The list goes on.

In short, I am in one of those moods where I would do anything, even those things I would later regret. Sometimes it's good to be in this head space.       


  1. I hope you get ALL your wishes today. I love doing chores dressed as a maid , with the addition of a short chain round my scrotum which has a weight attached and a couple of small bells that ring as I work ,so mistress can hear me moving around. I report to her after every task for inspection/punishment and my next assignment