Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Orgasm Overload

When I was being denied orgasms for nearly the last 3 months I was really enjoying the neediness, desperation, and submissiveness that was created.

Now that I’ve cum a couple times I am craving more and more orgasms.  Instead of no orgasms, I’m wanting to be forced to orgasm until I’m begging to not cum. Since I came a couple weeks ago I can’t get this fantasy out of my mind.  I envision a couple different ways this would happen.

Mistress picks a weekend to indulge me and gives me a set of instructions. I am to be in our bed at the top of every even hour, naked and have 3 of my limbs self-restrained. We would have our Hitachi vibrator, Venus 2000 masturbation machine and a couple of masturbation sleeves available. Just before 8 am on a Saturday I head upstairs and restrain myself to the bed. Mistress comes in and pulls a blindfold over my eyes and restrains my untied arm and then walks around the bed tightening all of the remaining limbs.

She climbs onto the bed and lubes up my cock with coconut oil and stokes my cock until I get hard. She then mounts my cock and fucks me while I am tied down. She proceeds to tell me that she is going to take the whole weekend to milk me dry and unable to cum. She says she won’t be satisfied until I’m begging her to stop with tears in my eyes.  She tells me that we will start with the ways to make me cum. Her pussy. Her hand a masturbation sleeve. Once those no longer work she will move on to the heavy machinery of the Venus 2000 and the Hitachi. She says she’ll be adding certain elements such as nipple clamps, cock straps, butt plugs and other items that she knows pushes my buttons and gets me to orgasm faster. She also tells me to expect lots of post orgasm torture.

In no time I am at the edge and I ask for permission to cum. She tells me that this weekend I do not have to ask permission to cum but I do have to tell her when I am about to cum. I tell her that I am cumming and I quickly fill her pussy with a lot of cum. Mistress climbs off my cock and sits on my face and orders me to lick her clean. She then informs me that I will be eating as much of my cum as possible.  As soon as we are done Mistress releases my limbs, tells me to leave the wrist and ankle cuffs on and tells me to cook us breakfast.  We finish breakfast a bit before 9 o’clock and I work on straightening up my office.

My 10 o’clock orgasm is delivered by a very well lubricated hand and she doesn’t stop when I cum. I thrash in the bed until I’m exhausted and then Mistress feeds me a combination of cum and coconut oil from her fingers.  After each orgasm I am released and given something to do or we catch up on one of our TV shows.

At 12 o’clock I’m tied back in bed. Mistress uses her had again. It takes longer but I cum and eat it up again.  I’m sent off to run some errands with panties on under my clothes.

2pm - Mistress uses a masturbation sleeve. It takes me a while to get hard so Mistress applies nipple clamps. The pain makes my cock throb and Mistress forces another orgasm out of me.

4 PM - I’m having a hard time cumming so a cock strap and nipple clamps are added.  Mistress uses the Hitachi and is able to make me cum. She keeps it buzzing long after I cum and I am begging her to stop. 

6 PM - Mistress tells me to go insert a butt plug and head upstairs. Now she starts using the Venus 2000. This device can suck an orgasm out of guys that have erectile dysfunction and can’t get hard. It takes a while but a very uncomfortable orgasm rips from my body. This is starting to feel like torture.  I am instructed to leave the plug in.

8 PM - as I am about to head upstairs Mistress announces that I am done for the day. I am to remove my plug and we will start again at 8 am on Sunday.

I sleep very well, but also concerned about the next day.

I’d like to keep going but I also want to leave it a mental mystery. I do imagine there is a point where I can’t cum anymore.  I also imagine there is a point where I am having an orgasm, but since I can’t cum, the orgasm keeps going and doesn’t stop. I’m in heaven and hell at the same time. I’m pulling against my restraints because it feels so good, too good.  Cumming until I can’t cum anymore and still being forced to is an amazing fantasy of mine.

One other variation of my fantasy is not just orgasm overload but total overload.  Blindfold, earphones with white noise or porn playing in my ears. A gag. A heavy leather collar. Nipple clamps. A tightly laced corset.  Stockings and high heels. The e-stim plug in my ass.  I’m tied to the bed with the plug pulsing in my ass, the Venus stroking my cock and the Hitachi adding vibration wherever Mistress wants it.  For the next 4-5 hours, Mistress keeps the machines running.  Turning off and on. Changing the speed of the stimulation. Nipple clamps are removed and added back. The earphones are occasionally removed so that Mistress can fill my mind with things she knows pushes my buttons. After each orgasm, the machines relentlessly keep going. Making me scream in agony until the agony turns to pleasure again.

A boy can dream, right?

Now that I’ve got myself all worked up. I should stroke my cock through my panties to orgasm, but I won’t. I’ll post this and get to work.

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