Monday, June 3, 2019

Happy Place

I’m back in my happy place. Waking up early because I’m so horny and my cock is straining against its cage. The last few hours with increasingly submissive thoughts and fantasies going through my mind.  Today I’m grateful to be locked in chastity. I’d be edging over and over and over. I’d justify masturbating to orgasm since I’m not locked up.

Getting out of bed and sitting to pee while still wearing my nighty from the night before. Then I spray perfume on my upper chest and neck. The smell going deep into my brain and flipping a feminine switch inside me.  I love it when this happens.  I remove my nighty and hang it up in plain view. I get dressed in something more appropriate and masculine, deep down wanting to dress in something feminine and less appropriate but too insecure to do so without help.  As I go through the morning the perfume keeps weakening the masculine side of my brain.

I’m back to making sure Mistress’ coffee is ready before she gets up.  I have fresh flowers in the house. I’m staying on top of the dishes.

Throughout the day, whiffs of perfume and my locked cock remind me of what deep down, I desire and need.  To serve a strong woman.  To be owned. To be denied. To be controlled. To follow orders.

In the evening I try to do all of the meal preparation. I keep Mistress’ wine glass full and jump whenever she needs me to do anything. I’m back to making sure no dishes are in the sink overnight.  Some evenings Mistress will pick out my attire for me and it’s often something feminine.  Having to wear something feminine this late in the day is always a challenge for me. My libido is lower and I am extra humiliated by it.  However, when this happens, it pushes all of my buttons the right way and puts me back into my subservient mindset, which is good for both of us.  My very last act of the night is preparing Mistress’ toothbrush. It’s a small task but it’s a good way to end my day with a final act of servitude.  Then I put a nighty on and crawl (I don’t actually crawl, but would like to) into bed next to the woman I love and cherish.

As I said, I’m in my happy place. I love serving Mistress and yearn to have additional duties placed upon me.  Chasity, feminization and the possibility of punishment are strong motivators for me and I’m grateful Mistress indulges me with these things.

This spoke to me.  Especially about making me admit secret and guarded desires.

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