Thursday, February 14, 2019

Making Chastity More Challenging and Frustrating

The last couple of days, I have woken up, extremely frustrated and horny.  Mistress was out of bed before me and I yearned for the days when I could edge myself and cum whenever I wanted.  It's been 3 weeks since my last orgasm and the need to cum is back up, but I can also see where I am yet again getting used to not cumming.  I was reminded of my recent post about how I believe that occasional orgasms "remind" me of what it is like to have one and that makes the denial more real.

As I was laying in bed this morning I started to wonder if it would be possible to increase frustration and desperation without the occasional orgasm.  Of course my early morning, testosterone-fueled libido took over and my mind took over.  Here is what I came up with.

  • Occasionally being required to take viagra while locked up
  • Having to send Mistress pictures of myself locked up
  • Verbal teasing and taunting of me being a chastity slave
  • Going down on Mistress while staying locked up
  • Using my mouth and fingers on Mistress as much as she wants while staying locked up
  • Mistress masturbating herself and telling me how many times she cums every day without me
  • Using a strap-on to fuck Mistress while my chastity device smacks helplessly against Mistress
  • Unlocking and being tied down to endure a long teasing session and locking back up afterward
  • Frequent anal stimulation (plugs or strap on) to ensure only pleasure is anal
  • prostate stimulation while locked
  • Bedtime teasing through my cage
  • Being released and made to fuck without cumming.  This is the riskiest as I almost always leak too much.
  • Rough BDSM scene while locked the entire time.
  • Feminine attire to enforce the emasculating effect of chastity.
All in all, I think there could be a lot of ways to increase the frustration of chastity while still keeping me denied.  The best part is Mistress should have all of the orgasms she can handle and we can still be intimate and make sure she is pleased.  


  1. I LOVE every one of these!
    Some are personal favorite interests of mine including:
    Anal stimulation to ensure only pleasure received is anal
    Rough BDSM scene while locked
    Unlocked and tied down to be teased relentlessly
    Teasing of being a chastity slave
    USe of mouth and fingers on Mistress while kept locked
    Mistress masturbating to numerous orgasms while I am denied that pleasure
    Feminine attire to reinforce emasculation of chastity

    I have never taken viagra (yet) but also interested in having to take that while kept caged. I know that early morning wood in the cage really hurts, like that last photo!

    My last orgasm was Jan 1 and I have no idea when she will let me cum next. My longest period of denial was 3 months. I have dangerous fantasies of being required to go a full year.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It's greatly appreciated!