Sunday, June 25, 2017

Flipped Switch

My blog post from Friday has given Mistress and I a bit of a kick start.  The nighty rule is back in force.  I have spent the last 2 nights wearing a nighty.  I also put on a small spray of perfume yesterday and Mistress reacted so positively to it I gave myself a full spray this morning.  As I sit here typing this post, my nostrils are filling me with the feminine scent and my brain is spinning.

Yesterday Mistress and I had some of the best sex we've had in quite a while.  I gave her countless orgasms and she soaked the sheets from her orgasms.  At first Mistress wanted me to cum, but I resisted long enough to where she could see the benefit in keeping me denied for the time being and hopefully for quite a bit more.  The hormones running through my system this morning have me in such a mood I'm pretty much helpless right now.

I have been ordered to dress feminine tomorrow.  I haven't been dressed feminine for nearly 2 months.  I am excited about it and am really looking forward to the erotic humiliation that comes with me being feminized.  Typing this paragraph has my cock so hard right now.

Ever since yesterday afternoon, my mind has been racing.  All I can think of is pleasuring Mistress in addition to being tormented.  I can't get the idea of being helpless for hours while Mistress has multiple orgasms.  In my morning grogginess as I tried to wake up I had a series of thoughts running through my mind.  The topic was "restrictions".  I thought of all the ways a slave can be restricted.  Here are some of those thoughts.

  • restricted movement with bondage
  • restricted to the cage
  • restricted in a straight jacket
  • restricted form speaking without being spoken to
  • restricted to panties
  • restricted to other clothes
  • restricted to no clothes
  • restricted from seeing with a blindfold
  • restricted from speaking with a gag
  • restricted from hearing with white noise
  • restricted from feeling my cock with chastity
  • restricted from sitting on furniture
  • restricted breathing with a plastic bag over my head
  • restricted to only using my fingers and mouth on Mistress's pussy
  • restricted to sleeping restrained or on the floor
  • restricted to eating all ejaculations
  • restricted to anal orgasms
  • restricted to cumming in humiliating ways
Lastly I have also been fantasizing about teasing and pleasuring Mistress.  She recently got a taste of me stopping her from orgasm just before she would cum.  I was able to hold her off a few times before giving her an even better orgasm.  There is a concept called "pleasure torture" and I so want to do this to Mistress.  Here are some pictures of what I would like to do.


  1. I love the way you would be giving her pleasure to a mind blowing orgasm. But about this wetting the sheets when she climaxes, may I ask why you don't catch it in your mouth and swallow for her?

    1. I did get a fair amount in my mouth, but logistically it's impossible to get it all. It's also like trying to drink from a garden hose.