Friday, June 23, 2017

A Dream

Sorry for the delay in any postings.  This time of year is by far the busiest for us.  D/s is not on the back burner, it's on the counter.  That being said, my submissive side is starting to make itself known to me again after a long hiatus.  Keeping my Tumblr feed updated has been good for my imagination.

What prompts this post is a dream I had last night.  Now I don't remember my dreams that often.  Sexual dreams are even more rare and D/s dreams are bar far the rarest.  Last night I had a D/s dream.  As best as I can remember, I was in a very plush bed and bedroom, more of a boudoir.

Dream bed was bigger and plusher, but the decor similar.
I found myself tied to the bed by a woman I didn't know.  I was being teased.  Not teased in an overtly sexual kind of way, but more of a not being touched kind of way.  Mistress was there as well.  Initially in a plush chair next to the bed and eventually in the bed with me and this other woman.  And women.  It turns out there was many woman here and it seems Mistress was either teaching them D/s or she was using them to torment me.  I was tied and re-tied many times by these women.  Mistress would have them sit on my face with their panties on and smother me so I couldn't breathe.  Mistress would instruct them on how to tie me.  She also had them lock me in a chastity device so that I couldn't receive any real pleasure.  The woman were into each other as well so that was also a good part of my dream.

All in all I don't remember much of the dream, but figured it was a pretty good reason to make a post.        

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