Friday, November 7, 2014

Voluntary Chastity vs. Enforced Chastity

Last might Mistress was teasing my locked up cock and balls before bed.  She indicated that she thought the reason my balls were not very full the other night was because I had an unauthorized orgasm.  I was bummed she thought that.  Here's why.

I have a long history of being a excessive masturbator. From the time I was 11-13 I masturbated as much as possible, even to the point of rubbing myself raw.  This carried into adulthood, into my first marriage, and into my mid-thirties.  At the time I denied it, but masturbation made me not want to be as physically sexual. However as I have gotten older and discovered the benefits of orgasm denial I have learned to be chaste voluntarily.  I got so good at being chaste voluntarily that when my ex-wife first left me, I continued to be chaste even though I was single.  I liked the horniness I felt going out as a newly single man.  I also liked edging myself and fantasizing about my future in D/s.  I like the feelings of orgasm denial so much I frequently beg Miss Bossy Bitch to not let me cum.  So for her to think I came without her and without her permission upset me.  That got me thinking about voluntary chastity vs. enforced chastity.

Voluntary chastity has become easy for me, mainly because I like the desire that builds up like I explain in my balloon theory.  Some of the benefits are comfort and the ability to wear panties and other tight clothes.  It also allows Mistress full access to my cock and balls.  There is also the ability to edge and get myself even more ramped up.  A full night of sleep is also a benefit.  Some of the downsides of voluntary chastity are that I am not 100% focused on my situation.  Accidents can happen when edging (although I report these).

Regarding chastity enforced with a device, here are some good aspects.  Almost 24/7 sexual thoughts.  A feeling of being owned.  Inability to edge unless I used something like the hitachi.  No doubts about knowing I am being faithful.  Some of the bad negative things are comfort.  Sleeplessness, but that sleeplessness does allow extra dirty thoughts to manifest themselves :-).  Lack of access, for Mistress and for my own cleanliness.

While I am completely committed to voluntary chastity, I can think of some instances when enforced chastity makes sense.  If Mistress were to relentlessly tease me as much as possible and not let me cum, at some point I would likely feel the need to be locked up.  It would likely have to be after several hours or days of teasing and denying.  With excessive teasing even the most strong willed submissive would be tempted to relieve the pressure.  Another reason is Mistress' piece of mind.  I have a very open schedule that a less trusting Mistress would have a hard time with.  Now I am very faithful and I don't want to mess up the trust that Mistress has in me, however if locking me up makes her feel more trusting I understand that.  Locking me up to get my libido ramped up or put me in a submissive state of mind are other good reasons.  Even locking me up as a punishment, or just because she wants me locked up makes sense.  It's funny, the only reason that seems to bug me is that she thinks I cum without her permission.

All that being said, Mistress let me out this morning.  While I like the freedom, for some reason I felt sub drop when she gave me the key.  I'm not sure how to explain that.  I know I love my Mistress and I love her even more for putting up with me.


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