Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One of the hottest things I have ever heard

Laying in bed last night just before turning the lights out, Mistress was lightly teasing my cock and balls.  She mentioned that my balls didn't seem very full since I had supposedly not cum in over a week.  I assured her that I had not cum (even one drop) and that any lack of fullness was due to other life events getting in the way.  She said "put your chastity device on". I wasn't sure I heard her correctly and asked her to repeat what she said.  She did indeed want me to put my chastity device on immediately.  I complied as quickly as I could given my state of semi arousal.  She then took the key and put it in between her breasts.  A couple minutes after the initial shock of what she just had me do, I moved closer to her to tell her how hot it was for her to do what she just did and how I like it when she takes control.  She said something to the effect of, "I plan controlling you a lot more.  Since I can't have any control at work, I'm going to take much more control around here."  DAMN!!!  That is so hot to hear.

Now I recognize the control she wants may not always be up my alley.  I obviously have my large laundry list of kinks and desires, but what I really yearn for is to have control taken from me as much as possible.  There is something so hot to me about not being in control.  To have things taken from me.  To be forced to do things.  To beg.   To not be able to move.  To be humiliated.  Interrogated. Forced to endure pain.  Forced to do D/s related protocols. Being made angry and brought back from that. 

Even being locked in chastity.  I really dislike the device, but I LOVE that Mistress makes me wear it anyway.  I would love to know what runs through her mind when she thinks about me in chastity.

All of that being said, my head is spinning thinking of all the nasty things I want to endure and be forced to do.  My head spins even more thinking of Mistress getting wet and getting off doing bad things to me as well as seeing how far she is willing to take me.  So very hot.

I found this after posting the above paragraphs.  This ties in nicely with what I have written about doing what I am told regardless of how I feel.

Rule Number 1 is don't ever argue with your wife. Always do as told, do it with a smile.
And, don't ever, ever embarrass your wife in front of other people. That last sentence should be in capitals, but men do it every day.  It doesn't matter if it is your wife's friend, her mother, your mother, a sister or whoever; you are there to serve and obey. A lot of men don't get this. Yes, they are submissive, or think they are, but not in front of certain other people. 

The first thing that any man, boyfriend, or husband needs to learn is that You make the rules. There are situations that will test his commitment to femdom. If a wife really wants to become her man's mistress she should be willing to test him in difficult situations. Some men are up to challenges. Many are not. The fantasy of living in a female controlled world is one thing. The reality is often another. A man who has been tested and tried in difficult situations is much more reliable than one who has not. Testing and trying men in difficult situations enforces their commitment to you and to the relationship. 

Men have no idea how much courage it takes for a wife to step out of the role she has been raised for since childhood for. A simple act of talking back can destroy her confidence.


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