Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Forced Masturbation with the Venus 2000

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Forced Masturbation with the Venus 2000

From My Pet with his own Venus 2000.

“My balls are rolling with every stroke and the pleasure seems to radiate out and into the pit of my stomach… This pleasure beyond anything I ever dreamed of.”

On a traveling session, My Pet sent his plane to pick Me up. The tropical breezes took the cold Chicago winter out of My system. I prepared to put his Venus 2000 to the test.

Inescapable Bondage

I brought plenty of rope, My Leather Sleep Sack and nice locking leather straps. I wanted to make sure he would go nowhere other than where I wanted him.

With each new strap, I applied a lock. The click made him squirm just a bit more or less. The less came as each new strap took hold. I made sure he had nowhere to move!

I lubed up the electrical anal plug and inserted it in his bottom. I applied more electrical pads to his freshly shaved balls. As I started to increase his pleasure with the electrical stimulation, he began to beg for more.

More meant, lube! Once he was properly lubed up, on went his custom fitted venus 2000 sleeve. I adjusted the straps so that the sleeve would not come free, even after he came. I slowly began the machine’s suction and stroking.

In almost no time flat, he enjoyed his first body shaking release. Little did he know, that would be the first of more to come.

I wanted to see his recovery time. With the venus 2000, he quickly popped back to life. However, he begged Me to wait. I thought about his request for the briefest of moments. And you know what I did? In went…

The large ball gag. I didn’t want to hear anything else from him.

Next, I changed the pattern of the electrical fun. I varied the timing of the venus 2000. As much as he bucked his hips, he could hardly move. Soon his second body shattering eruption took place.

How many more would he endure before he was milked totally dry by the machine? While I’m a sadist, I’m not totally heartless. I did give him a bit of time to recover. I lost track of time as he was forced to rise to the occasion again.

I knew it was happening because his grunts through the ball gag grew in intensity. Playing with both the electricity and the venus 2000, he enjoyed more and more pleasure. Then inevitable happened! Another explosion of joy.

How many more would I subject him to? I’ll post his session review soon.

How many more could you take?

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