Friday, June 6, 2014

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My Fuckslut’s recap


Tomorrow morning, you may look at porn and edge before work. You will wear the white thong to work. Send me a picture and two things I do that you’re thankful for. Letting you cum is not a good choice.

Tomorrow night, you will want your ass to be thoroughly clean. If it isn’t, you’ll definitely be the one suffering. Be showered, shaved and kneeling wearing just the thong at 6.

Sweet dreams, my love. Xoxo!!

I got up early and edged myself until I was dripping wet and SO horny. I showered and got ready for work and sent a picture to sexy mistress with a thank you from her devoted unworthy fuckslut. based on the warning above, I did an enema before work.

I was horny all day and when I got home, I used 2 more enemas to try to be very clean. Sexy Mistress arrived and we cuddled briefly before she tied rope around each leg and then tied another one around the back of my neck, down through my crotch and up through my ass with knots in all the appropriate places. The ropes were very constrictive and then she took another rope and tied my legs together, and tied my wrists together tightly. She proceeded to tease my cock and bite my nipples until I was writhing and moaning.

Sexy mistress teased and teased and then she untied my wrists and separated my legs. She left the ropes around each leg and around my torso and told me to get dressed. Once dressed, she verified that my cock was hard and not covered by underwear and then we left. She said she would drive and we went to her car.

Once in the car, sexy mistress handed me a butt plug and said “For tonight this plug is either in your ass or in your mouth at all times. I took the dry butt plug and pulled my pants down as she drove to dinner. I wriggled around and struggled to pull the knot at my asshole aside to get the butt plug in as we drove. Meanwhile sexy mistress played with my cock. I finally got the plug in and sexy mistress asked why I didn’t put the plug in my mouth to lubricate it first? duh! Anyway, we arrived at dinner and I was walking gingerly with the plug in my ass. I was very constrained and relatively uncomfortable with all the rope under my clothes and of course worrying about someone noticing the lumps, and how I was walking. Suffice it to say I was extremely distracted through dinner. At one point I went to the restroom, removed the plug lubed it up with saliva and then replaced it and it felt much better.

Sexy Mistress and I went home and she stripped me. We cuddled and I massaged her and played with her breasts until she came. Sexy mistress let me fuck her with the rope still on and I could barely fuck her without almost cumming. She removed the rope and we fucked and fucked until she finally said I could cum. I came and came and came. I was so horny from edging all week, I just exploded and exploded. It was an amazing wonderful fun week. What an amazing orgasm. Thank you sexy mistress!!!! You are so amazing!!! XO!!!

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