Saturday, April 20, 2019


Mistress and I recently went out of town.  I was unlocked on Saturday, April 6th so that I could shave my entire body and safely travel through the airport.  Mistress and I had sex on Sunday morning and I had my first orgasm in 76 days.  It was pretty awesome.

Sunday night I locked myself in chastity so that I wouldn't be tempted to cheat and masturbate.

Monday night, Mistress was in bed, so I snuck off and masturbated into the toilet.  Bad boy!

Tuesday morning I edged myself, a lot.  Tuesday night I behaved.

Wednesday morning I edged again, and again, and again.

Wednesday night Mistress had me fuck her and give her a nice squirty couple of orgasms and didn't allow me to cum.  I begged to be put into chastity and she said 'no'.  I was too horny to obey and snuck off to masturbate again.

Thursday night we were in a new city and a new hotel.  I behaved.

Friday night I behaved

Saturday night Mistress and I started to have sex, we miscommunicated and didn't end up having sex.  I snuck off again.

We have been home for the last 6 days and I haven't edged or masturbated.  Something about our routine that keeps me chaste.  Traveling and being in new places makes me very, very horny and I can't help myself.  I wish Mistress would keep me locked up while traveling.

This is NOT me

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