Sunday, February 4, 2018

Subtle Acts

For my recent trip, Mistress gave me the key to unlock my collar.  It's a stainless steel collar and I was concerned about it setting of the metal detector.  The only time it has been off was long enough for me to go through security on my outbound trip.  I forgot about it on my return trip and got through with no issues.

Yesterday I went to lock it on.  Mistress said something to the effect of that she didn't feel it was necessary for it to be locked.  She's right, it doesn't need to be locked on, but the dynamic is so much stronger when it is locked on.  For example.  If it's not locked on, shaving around my neck is so much easier.  It's a pain to have to shave around it, but that difficulty is a very subtle way to remind me of our my place as Mistress' slave.  Another benefit of having it locked on is that I can't 'forget' to put it back on.  In the past, I have tended to drift away from voluntarily wearing my collar.  I could go weeks without wearing it.  Having it locked on, gets me through my insecure and disobedient bouts.  Mistress will take off my collar any time I ask, but I want to be forced to ask and not have that control to make up my own mind about it.  Locking the collar on only take 2 twists of screw embedded in the collar.  Those 2 twist are very minimal and subtle and at the same time very powerful.  The only way I could see having it unlocked if Mistress did it specifically so that she could punish me if I wasn't wearing it.  We could even up the stakes and lock on my super heavy collar in the 2nd picture below.

As I was waking up this morning, I felt my collar locked around my neck and a warm rush of feeling owned came over me.  It made me reflect on how very subtle things combine to make a large effect.  Any of of these things by themselves are not a big deal, but when combined, they become very powerful.  Having a tasteful collar locked on.  Wearing a bit of perfume.  Wearing women's deodorant.  Having my toenails painted.  Mistress rubbing and touching parts of my body.  Mistress mentioning when she masturbates.  Having Mistress touch my chastity device.  Sitting to pee.  Wearing panties.  Shaving my body.  Any comment or verbal tease that Mistress can come up with (like asking me when my last orgasm was).  All of these by themselves are no big deal, but added up have an exponential effect on me.  

I know that Mistress not forcing me to lock my collar was intended to be nice, and I appreciate that.  I'm working on helping her overcome her instinct of being a 'good girl' and into being bitchy and mean to me.  In my weird twisted mind, cruelty is caring and intimate, even if it's subtle.

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