Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm back, I think...

I  have had some recent health issues that are finally coming to a resolution.  It's been nearly 2 months since they started which means our D/s lifestyle has taken a back seat.  I have been fortunate however that it hasn't been completely eliminated.

A little over 2 weeks ago I was fortunate enough to have Mistress give me a bondage session.  It was Sunday and we went to brunch.  We came home, and continued our Sunday - Funday.  I was sent upstairs to our bedroom to get the room and myself ready.  I put on my pink leather cuffs and pulled the straps out from under our bed.  I stripped, put on some music and some toys from the night stand.

I was in a particularly naughty mood and wanted to give Mistress some ideas when she got to the bedroom.  I took 2-25 clothespins and put one on each nipple and the rest on my cock and balls.  I also took our spider gag strapped it around my head to force my mouth open.  I attached both legs and one arm to the straps under the bed and pulled my blindfold down over my eyes.

Mistress came in and proceeded to tie down my remaining arm and then she went around the bed tightening the straps.  She alternated between using the Hitachi on herself, pulling off a clothespin at a time, hitting me in the balls and stroking my cock with coconut oil.  I was in absolute heaven.  The clothespins hurt, but in the right way.  The spider gag made it so I couldn't talk, it hurt in the right way and made me feel very vulnerable.  She could put anything in she wanted to in my mouth and I couldn't stop it.  It had been 48 days since my previous orgasm so I was delirious with desire when she stroked my cock and edged me.  Mistress kept asking me if I wanted to cum.  I did, but there was no way I was going to tell her.  I wanted her to keep edging me until I broke and begged her to let me cum.  Instead she forced me to have an orgasm against my will.  I was very powerful and I had a bunch of cum after such a long wait.  Mistress surprised me and scooped the cum from my orgasm and fed it to me through the ring gag.  It was disgusting, and I would have stopped it if I could, but at the same time I was thrilled Mistress was doing this to me.  I love it when she does things to me I don't like.

I was spent afterward but we spent some time in the hot tub, and some dinner and then watched some TV.  I was still worked up from such a hot scene that I initiated sex with Mistress again.  It had been a long time since I got to orgasm twice in one day.

The very next day I had to go in for another procedure and since then have been recovering.  My libido has been close to zero, but that is quickly changing.  I have been playing the scene above in my head a lot lately.  I have been fantasizing about clothespins a bit, but the spider gag much more.  I was able to get Mistress to give me some wine that she spit from her mouth into mine.  While wine or champagne are an erotic way to use the gag, my fantasies run darker.  I dream of spit, piss and lots of cum being forced into my mouth.  I think of having lemon juice, hot sauce or other irritants put into my mouth against my will.  I also fantasise about being tied in sitting or face down or locked in the dog cage and the gag forcing me to drool all over myself.

Not me, but how the gag fits
I am not 100% healed yet, but my mind is back in the game.  While I can't take a hard beating for a few more weeks, I can certainly start working on my femininity again as well as any other things Mistress wants me doing.  I am back!              


  1. Welcome back it sounds like you are on your way to better health. I'm sure your mind and hers is running in over drive. You on things you would love to happen and hers on what she is going to do with you. Working on your femininity is a start and maybe a little work on your slut hole with her strap on. with your mouth locked open she could drain you into a liquor glass then pour it into your mouth.

  2. i'm glad you're feeling better. Hmm, maybe i should be doing more "ideas" for my Wife like you did... showing up with clothespins for nipples, hmm. Man, i should get a mouth gag sometime. :)
    Love the idea of not being able to talk with her.
    Yes, i've had spit put in my open mouth, but not others... would like to try pee from Wife sometime. I like your idea of other drinks (lemon juice, etc) being used as well. Thanks. ~sara

    1. There is something so vulnerable about having your mouth forced open.