Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Pleasant Surprise

I think something has gotten into my Mistress.  Last night had a few surprises.  While watching TV, Mistress showed me a couple sex toys that were in an email she got from an online store.  I didn't really think much about it at the time.  Then in bed we were watching another show and since our dog was hogging her side of the bed, Mistress snuggled up to me.  Instead of just watching the show, Mistress started teasing my cock and stroking it.  She was doing such a good job that I'm very surprised she didn't get a bit of pre-cum on her fingers.  She told me she was just going to tease me.  I tried to work my hands onto her body, but she kept me away.  About half way through her tease she commanded me to put on a nighty.  I half-heartedly protested to make sure she was serious.  She was.  I instantly got up and put on a pink form fitting nighty.  My cock was still hard from her teasing.  I got back into bed and Mistress continued her teasing.  After a short while Mistress went back to her site of the bed and told me "have naughty dreams".

Through the night I would wake up to reposition and would always recognize the nighty.  I would have to readjust it or would simply think about the predicament I was in.  I imagined being forced to wear other things at night or under my clothes.  As much as I don't want to wear a nighty (or other things), it's amazing to me how hot it gets me.  It's really about her taking control.

Early this morning Mistress came back from the bathroom.  I wasn't sure if she remembered that I was wearing the nighty, and I was going to try to initiate sex with her.  She reached over and felt my hard-on. She rebuffed my advance by saying "I'm not done teasing and denying you".  That comment went straight to my brain...

I can't recall the last time Mistress made me wear a nighty.  Based on a blog search it was likely back in December.  Her comment about the teasing and denial not stopping really got into my head.  I am really, really worked up this morning and have all sorts of thoughts going through my brain.  I am very fortunate to have such an awesome Mistress.

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