Monday, June 29, 2015

Something Bi

Last night I had a dream unlike any I have ever had.  I don't remember a lot, but what I did remember I wanted to tell Mistress this morning but really didn't know how to.  In my dream I remember being in an area with lots of bedrooms, like a small hotel or upstairs in a large house.  I also remember lots of guys and no girls.  In this dream there was a guy in a bed and I was in the bed with him, and I think we were both dressed.  He was already tied, but it's how I wanted him tied.  I had him tied like the picture below, except his arms were tied together behind the head forcing his head up.

I then sat on his chest and unzipped my pants and put my cock in his mouth.  Once it was in his mouth he started sucking me and that's when I noticed I wasn't hard and he wasn't getting me hard.  That's also when I realized that I had done something with another man which I had vowed to never do.  It was such a shock that I woke up from sleeping.

Now while I have no desire to do what I dreamed about, I do like it when Mistress tells me her fantasies of me with men.  It makes me hot to think of her wishing I was giong those things.

Mistress has also been encouraging me to wear nighties at night as well as feminine items under my clothes.  I like it when she teases me and makes me blush by bringing it up.  I like it when she humiliates me.

Too bad I couldn't find a guy on guy version of the picture below.  This was the closest I could find.

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